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CALECIM® is a forward thinking cosmeceutical skincare range developed by biotech company CellResearchCorp.

Derived from the patented source of neonatal stem cells found in the discarded cord lining of free-range red deer in New Zealand, PTT-6® is the key active ingredient that makes up all CALECIM® Professional products.

This complex combination of proteins, growth factors and cytokines stimulate skin's natural cellular functions and activates cells to make new collagen, boosting cell turnover for firmer and more hydrated skin.

Additionally, the use of CALECIM® has proven to reduce downtime post-in-clinic procedures such as laser treatments, peels and micro-needling, with clinical observations showing dramatic aesthetic results within two weeks.

Powered by age-fighting stem cells, Calecim Professional is changing the face of anti-aging skincare. Calecim are leaders in cell-signalling skincare. The scientific brand created its own patented conditioned media derived from stem cells. They utilise 2 types of stem cells, both of which contribute to repairing cells and do so via cellular communication. The brand is a must to add to your anti aging skincare routine, from its growth factors serum to the Multi Action Cream.

Since its formation, Calecim have become pioneers in rejuvenating, anti-aging skincare.

The first users of the brand were physicians, who immediately saw effective results when combined with their clinical procedures. The products dramatically reduced redness, irritation, and swelling in their patients, as well as recovery downtime.

The list of potential benefits of utilising stem cell technology are endless, with Calecim quickly becoming set to become the future of anti-aging skincare.

We are proud to be an official Calecim Professional UK stockist.


What Is Calecim?

Calecim Professional, through years of research, use age-fighting stem cells to provide health benefits for the skin. Moreover, Calecim Professional products are developed from skin regeneration technology. Through extensive scientific research, they have discovered how proteins derived from cord lining stem cells are able to treat aging symptoms.

Furthermore, their range of products contain two types of stem cells from a singular source: mesenchymal and epithelial. From scientific research, it has been discovered that the cord lining is the richest source of stem cells from a non-embryonic source. Moreover, the combination of proteins and growth factors derived from mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells can trigger reactions from each layer of the skin. Therefore, smoothing the skin, and providing protection from signs of aging.

How Do You Use Calecim?

Each Calecim product has a different procedure protocol. For example, the Multi-Action Cream should be applied morning and night, while the Recovery Night Complex is to be worn as an overnight mask.

However, all Calecim products work in tandem with each other. This is thanks to the inclusion of revolutionary anti-aging stem cell technology in all products.

Where Is Calecim From?

16 years ago, biotech company CellResearch Corporation discovered the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining.

Calecim Professional draws on its parent company’s stem cell knowledge. While the CRC laboratory is based in Singapore, the skincare pioneers products are available worldwide.

What Is Stem Cell Skin Care?

Stem cells, much like those found within the Calecim Professional products, have natural antioxidant properties. They work to nourish the skin cells, promoting an increase in collagen production. Moreover, this results in improved skin texture, fewer lines and wrinkles, and younger looking skin.

Calecim Results

Treatment with Calecim UK results in the improved appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness, and decreased laxity within the first 14 days of use. What’s more, the products are extensively used by doctors and aestheticians' post-treatment to optimise aesthetic results. As well as this, they help reduce procedure downtime.

These results arise thanks to the game changing Calecim serum ingredients. For instance, the active ingredient used in the serum range is ‘Rejuvenating Conditioned Media.’ This is a patented, potent, and concentrated mix of proteins and growth factors derived from stem cells. They stimulate anti-aging biochemical pathways in the skin thanks to a unique “Youth Messaging” system. In summary, the protein mix, derived from stem cells, can effectively communicate with every layer of the skin to rejuvenate, and renew. Your anti aging skincare routine will never be the same again...

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