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Why it's Dermoi

Dermoi's scientific team has chosen to offer Obagi to the Dermoi community because of its commitment to medical-grade skincare solutions and real, clinical results.

Obagi is dedicated to the development of scientifically supported, clinical-grade formulations that promote healthy, forward-looking skin, instilling confidence in every individual's approach to the future. The brand emphasizes the importance of innovative solutions rooted in a deep understanding of skin biology.

Obagi's approach to innovation revolves around a comprehensive comprehension of how the skin functions at the cellular level. This knowledge allows the company to methodically address opportunities for positive impact and optimal skin performance. Creating transformational products with exceptional results requires a relentless focus on essential skin proteins that decline with age, as well as those proteins that accumulate and hinder otherwise healthy skin from maintaining a youthful appearance.

Obagi's approach ensures that their skincare advancements work in multifaceted ways to support overall skin health. Each formula in the range contains ingredients that are thoroughly reviewed to pinpoint the highest quality and most bio-available options. Beyond ingredient selection, Obagi formulation are fine-tuned by their key ingredient concentrations and pH levels to ensure that Obagi products can deliver on their promise of visible and tangible results.


Obagi is a skincare brand that is dedicated to changing lives through the magic of healthy skin. With a history that spans more than thirty years, Obagi has consistently set the benchmark in the realm of medical-grade skincare. Their mission extends beyond surface-level beauty concerns; it's about making a positive impact on how people perceive themselves and how they are seen by the world.

Elevating Skin Health to a Medical Level

Obagi belongs to an exclusive group of skincare providers that elevate all skin types and tones with the highest quality medical-grade skincare. Their products are created using the purest, most potent ingredients and undergo rigorous testing, earning endorsements from dermatologists and physicians. Their collaboration with medical professionals, research publications, and an in-house team of medical experts underscores their unwavering commitment to excellence.

While Obagi stays informed about skincare trends, their primary focus remains on providing timeless, scientifically-supported solutions. Their products are meticulously tested to cater to every skin type and tone, ensuring long-lasting efficacy that outlasts fleeting fads. Obagi is dedicated to offering dependable, enduring solutions that produce visible results.

Inclusivity from the Very Beginning

Obagi's commitment to inclusivity is deeply ingrained in their DNA. They were pioneers in testing their products across the entire Fitzpatrick Skin Spectrum, ensuring that their skincare products work effectively for all skin types. This inclusivity is not an afterthought; it is the fundamental principle guiding their product development.

Obagi's dedication extends to the people they serve. They strive to meet individuals wherever they are in their skincare journey, whether that's at the dermatologist's office or online. Their products are designed to be relatable and accessible, empowering people to face each day with confidence.

Obagi's tradition of innovation continues as they lead the skincare industry into the future. Their profound understanding of skin biology drives scientific advancements that address a wide range of skin health concerns. With a global presence in over 60 countries, Obagi stands at the forefront of advancing skin health on a global scale.

In a world where skincare trends come and go, Obagi remains resolute in their commitment to providing timeless, effective, and inclusive skincare solutions. Their journey is a testament to the transformative potential of healthy skin, and they eagerly anticipate reshaping skincare for future generations.

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