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Salicylic Acid Serums

Salicylic Acid Serums

Why it's Dermoi

Salicylic acid is a well-known active ingredient that helps with a variety of skin concerns including oily skin, acne-prone skin, and other problematic skin types. It can be used on inflamed and sensitive skin, thus it is very commonly used in skincare products. Salicylic acid serum is a widely used by many as it helps remove imperfections from the skin while smoothing the skin texture.

For customers, it can often become confusing when selecting an ideal face serum with salicylic acid for their skin type. This is because of its popularity and the number of serums on the market.

Here, our scientific team has expertly curated a collection of top salicylic acid serums. Every salicylic acid serum in our collection has been handpicked and approved by our scientific team for its high quality and effectiveness.


Salicylic acid is ideal for oily and combined skin types. The ingredient balances excess skin sebum production while also penetrating skin follicles and deeply cleansing them. The acid also  reduces inflammation and prevents dead skin cell build up on the surface of the skin. Salicylic acid accelerates exfoliation, evens the skin tone, and smooths the skin texture.

Salicylic acid serum is a lightweight treatment that is designed for seep penetration into the skin. Salicylic acid exfoliating serum is also formulated with other useful active ingredients to help target additional skin concerns. These actives include nutrients, such as botanical oils and extracts, peptides, vitamins etc.

Below you will find our advanced collection of salicylic acid exfoliating serum. Please feel free to take our skin test or contact us if you need help finding the best serum for your skin.

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