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Body Oils

Body Oils

Why it's Dermoi

Under the influence of multiple external and internal factors, cells tend to lack moisture and nourishment. The lack of nutrients and other essential microelements leads to various skin problems, like dryness, inflammation, unevenness, etc.

Body oil helps eliminate signs of dry or irritation-prone skin such as redness and flaking. Such products also boost regeneration processes. Generally, oily substances make the body surface softer, preventing dryness by supporting the skin barrier health. Active ingredients in body oils can also penetrate into the skin, nourishing cells, which helps keep the skin toned.

Oily ingredients have different purposes; they are used for massage, to care for cells after washing, to prevent stretch marks, or to soften the skin. Usually, oil application comes as an extra step of daily skin treatment to tone the body surface, as well as normalize the hydro-lipid level after hard tap water.

We offer a rich assortment of body oils for any purpose or skin type. Every body oil in our selection has been hand selected by our scientific team to ensure the formulation is high quality and effective. A great variety of products allows for picking suitable options.


We offer different types of body oils for a variety of skin concerns. Grape seed, almond, jojoba, avocado, sunflower seed oils, etc. are more frequently used ingredients as they offer scientifically backed benefits to the skin.

Note that there are both pure oils and blends of several ingredients. We offer both options. Mixes do not contain extra additives. Components are mixed, depending on the required treatment effect. Thus, keep in mind your needs when selecting suitable products.

Look through the provided treatments below to pick highly effective products for your skincare routines.

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