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EvenSwiss have pumped 30 years of scientific research into 1 ground-breaking technology: Dermatopoietin. This technology is one of the best achievements in anti-aging cosmeceutical skincare to date!

The unique Dermatopoietin formulation presented within Evenswiss products targets deep skin structures. To elaborate, it does this by triggering a plethora of reactions. What’s more, it does this without even penetrating the skin! This is thanks to their unique ‘Signalling Cosmetics’ technology. To explain, each product sits on the skin’s surface and signals a cascade of reactions within the skin. Resultantly, this causes anti-aging effects such as a boost in collagen, and skin hydration.

What’s more, all products are rich in Dermatopoietin. Dermatopoietin is a polypeptide, which is fully equivalent to the human interleukin-1a (key signalling molecules). Dermatopoietin is the key ingredient of anti-aging in Evenswiss skincare products. This is clinically proven to generate these advanced skin reactions to stimulate the production of elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen within the skin up to 90%. Furthermore, this naturally halts and reverse the aging process. As well as this, results are visible in as little as two weeks!

Furthermore, multiple clinical trials on Evenswiss with Dermatopoietin have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of the brand’s products. Amongst these trials, were a 4-week and 2-week continuous treatment on a single patch of skin. Each of these trials used a different concentration of Dermatopoietin. In turn, each of these trial experiments saw a significant increase of collagen within both the epidermis and dermis.

We are proud be an official Evenswiss UK stockist. Check out the full Evenswiss UK range of products below!


What Is Evenswiss?

Evenswiss is a Swiss anti-aging skincare range which is made with the patented Dermatopoietin Polypeptide Complex, alongside natural ingredients extracted from plants and flowers. Furthermore, their unique formula is backed up by 30 years of scientific research, and clinical trials, to provide the absolute best in anti-aging skincare. Moreover, at Evenswiss, they are dedicated to revolutionising skincare with advanced cosmetics.

The brand are 100% Swiss anti-aging skincare pioneers. After 30 years of research, a worldwide unique formula has been developed based on clinical research.

Evenswiss believe that everybody deserves to have naturally youthful and healthy hair and skin. Dedicated to the mission of a revolutionary approach to skincare, they provide their customers with advanced cosmetics. These cosmetics are based upon a deep understanding of the biological mechanisms of skin and hair regeneration.

How Does Dermatopoietin Work?

The uniquely patented Dermatopoietin formula works to target deep skin structures, without penetrating the skin! Furthermore, to do this, it triggers an amalgamation of reactions from the dermis through to the epidermis. This is triggered by unique ‘Signalling Cosmetics’. In simple terms, the product sits on the surface of the skin, and then proceeds to signal reactions within the skin. As a result, this boosts skin hydration and collagen, making Evenswiss products rich in anti-aging properties.

With this unique formulation working its magic, each of the clinical trials carried out display a significant increase in collagen within both the epidermis and dermis.

Is Evenswiss Available In the UK?

Yes. At Dermoi, we are an Evenswiss UK stockist!

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