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Night Cream

Night Cream

Why it's Dermoi

At night, our skin undergoes a process of repair from the stress accumulated during the day. Various biological functions are activated in cells, making skincare designed for the night a necessity.

While we rest, skin cells work diligently to repair and regenerate, improving skin elasticity and restoring the hydro-lipid balance. This is why a night cream should be rich in ingredients that nourish cells. During the night, the skin is no longer exposure to UV. Therefore, night cream does not contain any SPF and can include ingredients that are sensitive to sunlight.

The beauty industry is thriving today, with numerous brands offering their skincare products on store shelves, presenting a variety of treatments to consumers. However, when attempting to choose a suitable night face cream, consumers often encounter difficulties due to the extensive product range.

Dermoi’s scientific team has expertly curated an advanced collection of night creams. All night cream in the collection has been selected and approved by the scientific team for its effective formulation.


Functioning as a moisturizer, night cream for the face consists of nutrients, peptides, oils, vitamins, floral extracts, and acids. Ingredients like retinol, vitamins E, A, C, as well as glycolic and other AHAs are not recommended for daytime application, making them ideal for nourishing skin cells at night.

Manufacturers offer night cream in various forms, including gel, balm, or creamy textures. Night face creams with such consistencies are easily absorbed, supplying essential ingredients to cells and providing deep nourishment.

If you are in need of night cream in the UK, explore Dermoi’s advanced collection here. Here, you'll find numerous effective moisturizers for night application. Please feel free to take our skin test or contact us for assistance.

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