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Shampoo For Oily Hair

Shampoo For Oily Hair

Why it's Dermoi

Hair is deemed oily if it loses volume and becomes greasy by the end of the same day it is washed. Oiliness can result from various external and internal factors, including hormonal changes, health conditions, weather, genetics, and diet. These influences can impact the production of sebum. When left unattended, oily hair may start to thin, and dandruff can develop.

Selecting an appropriate shampoo for oily hair is a crucial step. A shampoo with a specially formulated composition helps regulate sebum production, diminish oiliness, and clarify the scalp.

Numerous brands offer a multitude of shampoos for oily hair and it can be difficult to know which shampoo’s have effective formulas. Dermoi’s in-house scientific team has used their scientific expertise to analyse shampoo formulations on the market and expertly curate an effective collection of shampoos for oily hair. Every shampoo in the collection has been chosen using our rigorous selection procedure and has been approved by the scientific team for its high-quality.


When choosing a shampoo for oily hair, focus on the composition and ensure it has a pH that is balanced for the scalp (high pH levels can be very aggressive). It's beneficial if a product contains ingredients like piroctone olamine, salicylic acid, selenium, zinc, absorbent carbon, or vitamins (A, C, E). These substances contribute to restoring a healthy balance to the scalp and regulating sebum production. Shampoos for oily hair also often include vitamins and natural botanical extracts.

If you're in need of shampoo for oily hair in the UK, you can explore various options in our collection. All products are safe and highly effective. Feel free to consult with our managers if you have any questions or need advice.

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