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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments

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Hair loss is an extremely common condition that affects majority of the population as some point during their life. It is a complex condition that can occur due to a variety of factors such as stress, poor nutrition, hormonal changes, inflammation and more.

Timely hair loss treatment helps boost activity in hair follicles in the scalp to improve the condition of the hair. Treatment for hair loss is complex and often combines both external and internal methods. Often internal supplements are used to help manage stress and nutritional intake, while advanced topical solutions such as shampoos, masks, or serums, work directly at the scalp.

The modern market offers a rich diversity of products for hair loss treatment UK. It can easily become confusing for consumers to know which solutions contain high-quality and effective formulations in order to find the most effective products.

Dermoi’s scientific team has expertly curated a collection of advanced hair loss treatments that are scientifically-backed to boost hair growth and improve the condition of the scalp. All hair loss treatments found in our collection have passed our rigorous selection procedure and have been approved by the scientific team for their effective formulas. This is to ensure customers shop with confidence knowing that they are choosing high-quality hair loss treatments.


The most advanced hair loss treatments work in the scalp to improve the condition of hair follicles and triggers the growth phase, anagen. Whether the treatment is a topical serum or a supplement, they act deeply to activate intracellular processes and boosting regeneration mechanisms.

Below, customers will find a collection of advanced hair loss treatments including shampoos, masks, serums, supplements etc. For assistance finding the best hair loss treatment, customers can always take our skin test or contact us.

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