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Cleanser For Acne-Prone Skin - The Importance Of Cleansing

Hundreds of thousands of particles settle on the skin surface daily. Dust, debris, and microorganisms settle on the epidermis, polluting it and clogging pores.

In addition, the blend of grease with dust creates the perfect breed for bacterial growth. If we talk about acne-prone skin, it’s a real problem since contamination and bacteria lead to severe inflammation.

This is why it is essential to cleanse the skin surface regularly as part of a healthy skincare routine.

This is to prevent pollution build-up and subsequent inflammation and other skin-related problems. In addition, thorough skin purification improves nutrient supply and absorption.

Special cleansers for acne are commonly found on the skincare market. However, many of these face cleanser for acne are too harsh for the skin and can make acne worse.

Dermoi's scientific team has created a collection of advanced cleansers for acne-prone skin that will not strip the skin and will effectively target active blemishes.

Every cleanser for acne in the collection below has been hand-selected and approved by the scientific team for its effectiveness.


Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin - Choosing The Right Cleanser

A facial cleanser for acne consists of cleansing agents plus addition ingredients to nourish and clarify the skin such as mild acids, enzymes and natural extracts.

These ingredients help exfoliate the skin and boost skin cell turnover to clear clogged pores.

Cleansers for acne comes in different forms. Gel, enzyme powder, or foam are more common formulas. Highly-active formulations of a face cleanser for acne can act deeply and mildly, without disrupting the natural barrier.

Browse the collection of facial cleanser for acne knowing that every product has been approved by Dermoi's scientific team for its high-quality formula.

If you need advice, please feel free to take our skin test or contact us for help choosing an appropriate cleanser for acne-prone skin

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