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Advanced Face Mists for All-Day Hydration

Skin hydration is one of the main requirements for a healthy and young appearance. Lack of moisture in skin cells can lead to premature aging, dryness, inflammation and flaking.

Thus, it is advisable to apply moisturizers twice a day to maintain the optimal hydration level. Yet, depending on the weather conditions, the skin tends to lose moisture quicker.

This creates a need need to hydrate the skin frequently during the day. Advanced Facial mists are designed for this purpose.

A face mist is a light-texture treatment for hydrating the skin’s cells throughout the day.

The formula often contains moisturising active ingredients as well as soothing anti-oxidants to help maintain a supple complexion.

Advanced face mists help tone the skin and supply vital elements to skin cells without disrupting the hydro-lipid barrier.

We offer a variety of face mists that have been expertly selected and approved by our team of scientists for their effectiveness.

All face mists in our collection have passed our rigorous selection procedure to confirm their quality and efficacy.


Revitalize Your Skin with Nourishing Face Mists for Every Budget

Face mists are often made with multiple nutrients and active components to create powerful formulas.

The most common ingredients include plant extracts (Aloe Vera, chamomile, Green tea), essential oils, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin. These ingredients help soothe the skin and can have an anti-inflammatory effect. 

Below, you’ll find an assortment of face mists for any budget and skin type.

If you need consultation trying to pick the right facial mist, please contact us or feel free to take out skin test for personalised solutions for your skin type. 

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