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Why it's Dermoi

Indeed Labs has created a line of effective, science-backed skincare products that deliver real results. From sensitive skin and age spots, to dry skin and wrinkles, their affordable skincare products are designed to meet the different skin concerns of people and empower them to be comfortable in the skin they're in.

The brand's effective formulas contain scientifically studied active ingredients at effective concentrations and pH’s. They aim to make high-quality affordable skincare that's accessible yo everyone.

As well as this, the brand does not use synthetic dyes, silicones or fragrances which are potential skin irritants.

Additionally, they offer effective, science-backed skincare at affordable prices, making high-end skincare more readily accessible to the mass market.

Furthermore, the brand has won over 25 major skincare awards, with the Indeed Labs Nanoblur blurring cream becoming an instant best-seller. Nanoblur was their very first product, capturing global attention with the revolutionary formula. What's more, there’s still nothing else quite like it on the market!

The affordable skincare brand are also pioneers in their field. The brand was one of the first ever skincare retailers to put low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a serum for unparalleled skin hydration.

We are proud to be an official Indeed Labs UK stockist.


What Is Indeed Labs?

Playful in nature, but not playing around when it comes to skincare. That’s Indeed Labs, an affordable high quality cosmeceutical brand. It opens the doors to ingredient-based skincare for everyone. Indeed Labs are innovating skincare by using unique ingredients, such as squalane and bakuchiol. The award-winning products speak for themselves.

Indeed Labs’ mission statement is to provide high quality formulas opposed to merely a single ingredient. In turn, the quality of their products deliver unmatched results.

Furthermore, they use active ingredients, whilst removing everything else. This way, all unnecessary elements are removed, and purely effective skincare is what the consumer receives!

What’s more, the focus of Indeed Labs goes beyond the consumer. They champion ethically sound beauty. Moreover, from the environment to innovative formulation, no beauty brand has all the solutions, but they are is constantly examining how they can do better. The scientific evidence and clinical trials behind Indeed Labs products give the consumer added assurance of each product’s effectiveness.

What Year Did Indeed Labs Launch?

The company is a high-quality Canadian cosmeceutical brand, launched in 2010.

What Are the Benefits of Indeed Labs Products?

Indeed Labs are famous for their hydraluron hyaluronic acid skincare range, and their retinol reface cream. As well as this Nanoblur (a blurring cream that covers fine lines and wrinkles and makes them less apparent) is a best-seller, as well as Snoxin II (a topical gel that replaces the need for botox. It freezes wrinkles in place, effectively making them less apparent).

Furthermore, the affordable skincare brand use high-level actives to deliver exceptional results. Amongst these actives include two prominent ingredients: squalane and bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is a plant-based alternative to retinol, which is scientifically proven to significantly reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. On the other hand, squalane has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and swelling.

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