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Overnight Masks

Overnight Masks

Why it's Dermoi

During the day and overnight, the skin naturally undergoes different cellular processes. Because of this, advanced skincare products are created to support skin function during day and night. At night, skin permeability increases while sebum production decreases. As a result, cells lose 93% more moisture than during the day. For many, the skin can become dry and sensitive overnight. At night, the skin needs skincare formulas that attract moisture to cells but also prevent its increased evaporation.

An overnight mask is commonly used to nourish the skin during the night and prevent water loss. Advanced overnight masks are packed with nutrients for the skin and help promote skin repair.  Since skin permeability is increased overnight, the skin has a greater ability to absorb nutrients during this time. The regular application of overnight masks leads to improving the skin complexion, reducing visible imperfections, and smoothing the tone.

Cream VS Mask: Difference

You may ask what the difference between a night cream and a mask is. In general, overnight face masks have a richer texture are more nourishing. Masks can also contain a higher concentration of key active ingredients, enhancing their ability to correct and repair the skin.

At Dermoi, our scientific team has curated a collection of advanced overnight face masks a using our rigorous selection procedure. This is to ensure all overnight masks found below have been expertly approved for their effectiveness. 


Since nutrient absorption is higher in the skin overnight, skincare products designed for use at night often have a high concentration of restoring active ingredients. It is common for overnight face masks to include vitamins, peptides, nutrients, oils, and natural extracts. In addition, collagen, retinol, elastin, hyaluronic acids, and aloe vera extract stand as the most popular components for anti-aging overnight masks.

We have a created a highly-curated selection of overnight face masks that have been expertly approved by our scientific team for their effectiveness. Please feel free to take our skin test or contact us for help select the right overnight face mask. In our selection below, you will find a variety of face masks that are suitable for any budget.

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