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Cleansing Balms

Cleansing Balms

Why it's Dermoi

Cleansing is one of the key steps of a daily skincare routine. The degree of ingredient penetration and nutrient absorption depends on this essential step. Clean skin is able to better absorb vital components, while clogged pores prevent nutrients from penetrating cells. Thus, it is essentially to purify the skin before you continue with your skincare routine.

Although contamination is not seen with the naked eye, our skin accumulates many pollutants during the day. Dust, environmental debris, bacteria, and makeup tend to settle on the skin's surface. All these contaminants lead to pore clogging and hardened nutrient supply.

Reasons to Purify the Skin

By cleansing the skin’s surface, pores are open, which makes it easier for essential ingredients to reach cells and activate rejuvenation processes. Proper cleansing makes the skin even, radiant, young-looking, and smooth. Inflammation and redness are reduced.

An organic cleansing balm is one of the popular options for deep cleansing. We offer such treatments in our catalog. All cleansing balms have been selected and approved by our scientists to ensure quality and effectiveness of all formulas offered to clients.


The formulation of cleansing balms usually include mild surfactants and highly active ingredients that melt on the skin’s surface and dissolve pollutants. These include natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, or green tea, acids (AHAs and hyaluronic acid), vitamins, antioxidants, and oils. When in contact with debris, these actives help to cleanse the skin effectively, without disrupting the hydro-lipid barrier.

A balm is a common form of cleanser production. Its soft texture melts easily on the epidermis and is quickly removed from the surface with water. Products do not cause dryness and are ideal for normal, dry, aging and sensitive skin types.

You’ll find a highly curated selection of cleansing balms in our store. All cleansing balms have been selected and approved by our scientific team for their high-quality and effectiveness. If you need help or consultation picking the idea cleanser for you, feel free to take out skin test or contact us via our customer service form.

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