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Combat Stress Effects: Nourish Your Skin with De-Stress Skincare

People tend to experience stress throughout their lives. Negative emotions affect not only mood and wellbeing, but also appearance of the skin.

Under the influence of stress, the following changes in the skin are observed: stress hormones directly activate the production of sebum, because of which skin oiliness increases, and blood circulation in cells worsens because stress hormones cause vasospasm.

Under the influence of stress hormones, metalloproteinases (a type of enzyme that destroys collagen and elastin) are activated. Immunity decreases, so inflammation and infections become more frequent.

As a result of an excited nervous system, redness, pimples, itching, sensitivity, and wrinkles appear, dryness and dehydration are felt, and the complexion becomes dull.

Thus, it is important to help the epidermis cope with stressful conditions by nourishing and moisturizing it.

The application of de stress products helps eliminate the negative impact of this psychological condition and recover the skin from a vulnerable state.

We offer a wide range of de-stress skincare and supplements that help maintain the skin’s health and nourish the cells of the body with essential ingredients for proper functioning under stressful conditions.

All products have been analysed by Dermoi's scientific team to ensure only effective and bioavailable treatments are available.


Revitalize Your Skin: Supercharged De-Stress Skincare Essentials

To keep the skin toned, firm, and fresh-looking even under stress, it is necessary to use powerful super-charged skincare products.

In this case, vitamins C, E, B, D, nutrients, peptides, oils, and natural extracts stand as obligatory components for de-stress treatments. Active ingredients penetrate cells deeply, activating and boosting cellular processes.

Products for de-stress skin care come in a variety of forms. These are liquids, foams, gels, balms, etc. In addition, de-stress supplements can come in the form of liquids, capsules, tablets or powders.

We offer all of these categories to ensure our customers needs are met; all of which have been reviewed by Dermoi's scientific team to ensure only high-quality and effective solutions are available.

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