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Menopause is a natural phase in the life of females over 40 and has huge impacts on the skin. Menopause leads to wrinkles, dark circles, acne, dryness, and itchiness, and many other processes as a result of hormonal changes within the body.

Menopause causes a huge drop in the body's estrogen levels. This affects our skin as estrogen is a crucial hormone in maintaining healthy and vibrant skin. This is because it activates estrogen receptors in skin cells to produce elastin and collagen, and to increase cell turnover, which gives the appearance of plump and youthful-looking skin.

Emepelle is a new world-leading skincare brand for menopause skin that use technologically advanced ingredients to help your skin look beautifully radiant and youthful.

Furthermore, Emepelle is the only anti-aging cream to contain revolutionary MEP technology. They are leaders in menopause skincare UK. This MEP technology addresses the collagen loss that occurs as a result of menopause. It effectively reverses the rapid signs of aging that occur as a result of the body undergoing menopause.

The brand has 2 stand-out products which work together to target and reverse the signs of aging caused by menopause skin. These products are the Emepelle Night Cream and the Emepelle Serum.

As well as this, the Empelle Night Cream also contains a small amount of retinol making the skincare duo a total and complete anti-aging bundle.

The clinical trials and Emepelle reviews speak for themselves, and we are proud to be an official Emepelle UK stockist.


What Is Emepelle?

Emepelle is an innovative skincare brand tailored to menopausal skin aging. During menopause, estrogen levels decrease, and as a result the skin loses a significant amount of collagen. This then accelerates the aging process.

To combat this, the Emepelle cream and serum utilise revolutionary MEP technology to target the collagen loss that takes place during menopause.

What Is MEP Technology?

MEP technology is an advanced ingredient that regenerates menopause skin. It does this by encouraging the skin to behave as though estrogen is still present. Instead of adding estrogen to the body, it assists key skin cells to work how they did before menopause. This is done by stimulating estrogen receptors.

Accordingly, this process replenishes lost collagen, resulting in healthier and younger-looking skin. MEP technology delivers clinically proven results, such as a 54% increase in skin hydration, a 39% increase in luminosity, and a 19% increase in firmness!

What Is Estrogen Deficient Skin?

Skin that is estrogen-deficient can be characterised by dryness, dullness, and an increase in skin sagging and wrinkling. It will also display a decrease in elasticity, making signs of aging more visible. This is all a part of the natural aging process, and thankfully, with Emepelle, you can regain control of your skin.

How Do You Use Emepelle?

You can apply 1-2 drops of the Emepelle Serum onto cleansed skin every morning. In the evenings, follow with the Emepelle Night Cream to rejuvenate your menopause skin overnight.

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