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Clay Masks

Clay Masks

Why it's Dermoi

Regular care of the skin is essential to maintain its health and glowing appearance. Face masks are designed to cleanse the surface of the skin deeply and nourish cells with essential minerals and elements. They serve as additional tools in your daily routine.

Benefits of Clay Masks

A clay mask is one of the most popular face masks available. Natural clay is a storehouse of minerals and microelements. The main feature of clay is its ability to absorb excess sebum from the skin’s surface. It also does an excellent job of deep cleansing the skin, as well as helping eliminate blackheads and reduce irritation. Clay has absorbent properties, which means it pulls impurities out of the pores. Due to high mineralization, it reaches cells with essential minerals.

We offer a selection variety of clay masks that have been individually checked by our scientific team for their effectiveness. This is to ensure only high quality and effective clay masks are found at our store and you can be confident about your skincare choices.


Besides clay, face masks often contain vitamins, oils, and natural extracts in order to treat different skin concerns.  

It is also common to include tea tree, lavender, argan oil, propolis, honey or aloe vera in clay mask for face. These natural ingredient contains bioactive properties that provide additional clarifying benefits to the skin, while helping to reduce redness and irritation. 

Below, you’ll find our collection of highly effective skincare masks for deep cleansing and skin detox. Please feel free to take our skin quiz or contact us to get assistance in selecting a suitable clay face mask.

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