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Eye Creams

Eye Creams

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Fine lines, dryness, puffiness and dark circles are common problems in the eye area. In addition, the first signs of aging appear early around the eye area, and therefore, the eyes require special care with well-chosen products. The high vulnerability of the eye area is explained by the thin skin in this area. Thus, any factor (physical or psychological) such as stress, environmental influence, or frequent makeup can result in premature fine lines.

Proper eye skincare is an obligatory step to maintain supple skin around the  eye area. Regular treatment with eye care improves fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The skin also becomes toned, firm, and smooth.

We offer a great assortment of eye creams that have been selected and approved by out scientific team to ensure they are effective and high-quality. Clients can pick any eye care product according to their skin types and concern and be confident that they are using a high-quality and advance eye skincare product.


Since the eye area is characterised by thin skin,  it’s essential that it is cared for properly and special attention is taken to help reinforce its firmness. Thus, nutrients, peptides, acids, and floral extracts are commonly used in eye care formulas. Advanced active ingredients such as collagen, elastin, retinol, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and hyaluronic acid are also commonly included. 

Balms and gels are common textures used for eye care products as they are well absorbed and gentle around the eye.  When selecting a suitable cream for eye, feel free to take our skin test or contact us for advice.

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