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Face Masks for Acne

Face Masks for Acne

Why it's Dermoi

Acne is a skin condition of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which occurs in 80% of adolescents and young adults. Acne affects skin cells and causes inflammatory bumps in the skin that cause discomfort. An advanced skincare routine that contains active ingredients to stop the cellular causes of acne are very effective in reducing the occurrence of acne.

Benefits of Facial Acne Masks

Proper skin care helps normalize the production of sebum, reduce inflammation, and kill acne causing bacteria to eliminate acne. 

Advanced facial masks for acne can be an extremely effective step in caring for skin with acne. This is because such face masks help to cleanse the skin, remove excess sebum and bacteria from the skin, and increase exfoliation to smooth the complexion and mattify the complexion. 

Dermoi offers multiple face masks for acne-prone skin that have been approved by our scientific team for their ability to effectively help clear blackheads and prevent the formation of acne on the skin. All face masks are packed with active ingredients that fight acne and calm the skin.


Active components for a face mask for acne should contain anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and healing ingredients. Thus, acids (salicylic, LHA, or fruit), zinc, retinoids, and mineral clay are often included in the formulas. Other popular components include natural herbal extracts, vitamins, peptides, and oils tp help boost repair in acne prone skin.

Dermoi offer a diverse collection of solutions for acne prone skin. When looking for a face mask for acne-prone skin, please feel free to take our skin test or contact us for personalised advice.

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