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Noble Panacea utilise a ground-breaking, first of its kind delivery system, known as OSMV (Organic Super Molecular Vessels).

These vessels do more than your traditional encapsulation technology. They increase product penetration, allow active ingredients to be stabilised overtime. As well as this, the technology stops cross interaction of active ingredients, and allows the active ingredients to be released slowly over time one by one.

The above points are the reason Noble Panacea labs are pioneering leaders in the skincare realm. This is also why we are proud to be a Noble Panacea UK stockist.

Noble Panacea skincare only use proven skin health active ingredients that are optimised by their programmed OSMV'S for unparalleled results.

What’s more, all the brand’s packaging is sustainable and biodegradable as it’s made from starch. Whether you're looking for the world-famous Noble Panacea Moisturiser or a ground-breaking anti-aging serum, we have you covered. Each Noble Panacea review speaks for itself!


What Is Noble Panacea?

Noble Panacea is a powerful, revolutionary, and innovative skincare brand which focuses on the art of anti-aging efficacy. After four decades of research, and an array of scientific experimentation, OSMV were discovered. This ground-breaking patented technology, in short, allows active ingredients to be delivered with delayed release and extreme precision.

Furthermore, this provides ultimate protection of the active ingredients at a molecular level to preserve freshness. This way, the active ingredients are unleashed slowly upon application.

What Is OSMV Technology?

Four decades of research alongside thousands of experiments led to the birth of OSMV (Organic Super Molecular Vessels). OSMV technology is a delivery system designed to deliver active ingredients with extreme precision and a delayed release into the precise location within a skin cell, allowing for ultimate timing, control, and sequence. A single OSMV is 10,000 times smaller than a skin cell.

This therefore enhances the perpetual potency of each treatment. Unlike regular skincare products that the skin completely absorbs instantly after application, OSMV continually delivers active ingredients to the skin during its ‘therapeutic window’.

OSMV is an entirely unique delivery process, guaranteeing you optimum results. This allows Noble Panacea labs products to work in a unique, unrivalled, way which has revolutionised the way we use and think about quality skincare.

Who Owns Noble Panacea?

Noble Panacea skincare was first founded by scientist Sir Fraser Stoddart, who began to craft his products to ‘lift the spirits and empower people to embrace their most authentic natural beauty for a pure expression of self.’

Moreover, Sir Fraser Stoddart fell in love with chemistry when he came to the realisation that chemistry is an art form. He was seeking innovation through imagination, which led to the eventual inception of Noble Panacea labs.

Sir Fraser Stoddart and his lifetime contribution to chemistry and panacea brand led to him receiving a Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2006, the Albert Einstein World Award of Science in 2007, and becoming a 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

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