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Cleansing Powder: The Rise Of Cleansing Powders in Skincare

Cleansing powders are one of the innovative trends in the skincare industry. They have recently appeared on the market and have already managed to win consumers’ hearts.

Cleansing is an important step of a daily skincare routine. The epidermis is constantly exposed to external aggressors, such as environmental pollutants (dust and bacteria) and makeup.

As a result, pores are clogged, and cells do not get proper nutrition, which affects their functioning and slows down rejuvenation processes.

Skincare cleansers purify the skin to remove common pollutants. Active components penetrate deep layers of the skin, nourishing cells. As a result, the skin becomes fresh-looking, smooth, and healthy.

We have expertly curated a great assortment of cleansing powders for any skin type. All cleansing powders have been selected and approved by our in-house scientific team to ensure they are effective and high-quality.


Cleansing Powder - Exploring the Formulation and Benefits

The formulation of cleansing gels can contain natural extracts, acids, oils, and vitamins. Blends of ingredients are created so that formula is able to dissolve dirt while fighting skin concerns.

Cleansing (or enzyme) powder is a dry loose powders that changes its consistency upon contact with water.

By adding a few drops of water, the powder turns into a light foams that melts on the surface perfectly and dissolves contaminants effectively.

Moreover, some cleansing powders can include exfoliating acids or enzymes that gently remove dead cells.

Our collection of cleansing powders includes skincare solutions for all skin types and concerns. If you need assistance in selecting a suitable cleansing powder, feel free take our skin test or contact us.

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