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SPF 50+ For Body

SPF 50+ For Body

Why it's Dermoi

Although many people love the sun, it cause causes damage to skin. UV radiation produced by the sun damages skin structures and causing inflammation that can be dangerous for overall health. This is why proper skin protection is a vital step for people, regardless of their living area.

SPF 50 for body comes a powerful protector to these aggressors. Such products have the highest indicator of protection, which gives the longest protection. Such products are designed for application when sunbathing and going to the beach, but also to be used daily to protect the skin against photo-aging.

Our scientific team has used their expert knowledge to create a collection of high-quality and effective sunscreen for body SPF 50. Every product in the collection has passed our rigorous selection procedure and have been approved by the scientific team.


SPF 50 for body often contains UV filters such as iron oxide, cinnamate, oxybenzone, zinc oxide, parsol, or titanium dioxide. These filters form a protective layer on the body surface, protecting cells from UV light.

Besides these ingredients, vitamins, oils, nutrients, and floral extracts are used in formulations to create multi-action compositions with added benefits. Such sunscreen for body SPF 50 not only protects the epidermis but also moisturizes and nourishes cells, ensuring sufficient nutrient supply and proper functioning.

Below, you’ll see our collection of sunscreen for body SPF 50. for assistance finding the best sunscreen for you, please feel free to take our skin test or contact us. 

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