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Toners For Acne

Toners For Acne

Why it's Dermoi

Face toning comes as the second step of a daily skincare routine. Although some people consider this step optional, in fact, it’s of great importance. A good quality toner for acne-prone skin helps normalize the skin’s pH level and keep the optimal hydro-lipid balance. In addition, toners help can help exfoliate the skin and remove excess debris that may have been missed by a cleanser.

A specialized toner for acne-prone skin contain active ingredients that help fight active blemishes. They will help kill acne causing bacteria, improve skin cell turnover, and reduce inflammation.

Dermoi's in-house scientific team has created a collection of toners for acne-prone skin that are effective in targeting active blemishes. Every toner in the collection has been approved by scientists for its effective formula, so that you can shop with confidence knowing that you are selecting high-quality products for your skin.


A high-quality toner for acne usually contains vitamins, acids, enzymes and botanical extracts. If we talk about acne skin, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as camomile extract, vitamins B and C, green tea extract are also commonly included to help reduce redness. Advanced toners not only normalize the pH level but also prepare cells for further nourishment.

Toners for acne-prone skin usually have liquid form. They are applied using cotton pads and do not require washing off after application.

Below, you can find an advanced collection of toners for acne-prone skin. If you need advise, please feel free to take our skin test of contact us for your personalised recommendations.

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