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Totally Derma stimulates the optimum production of collagen. Hyaluronic acid, co-factors and collagen amino acid peptides are distributed to the deep layers of the skin via the bloodstream. What's more, the molecules stimulate fibroblast cells to release collagen complex molecules necessary for the gut lining repair.

Collagen is connected to hormones playing an important role in skin health, namely estrogen and cortisol. The high levels of the stress hormone cortisol stimulate the skin to produce more sebum which leads to clogged pores and acne. Decreased levels of the hormone estrogen can lead to inflammation in the gut and further problems, including skin conditions. So, a balanced amount of each hormone helps maintain both healthy gut and radiant skin.

Additionally, collagen makes the gut more resistant to elastic stretching preventing any “leakage”. It also regulates stomach acid levels and facilitates the breakdown of protein-rich foods. As a result, gut microbiome and permeability also get significantly improved which may be able to treat causal issues of skin conditions.

Totally Derma Collagen Drink contains bovine collagen of the type I and III, that is the same as the one found in gastroentestinal tract of the human. Hydrolysed form of the molecule guarantees easier absorption in the gut because complex collagen protein have already been broken down into small units.


Totally Derma Collagen Drink is a nutraceutical supplement that delivers high amounts of collagen amino acid peptides, hyaluronic acids and other co-factors.

Totally Derma reduces inflammation in the body by improving the lining repair system and regulating hormones that affect gut functioning. As a result of the improved gut-skin connection, the totally derma collagen drink helps to improve skin, nail, joint, hair, bone and menopausal health.

The founder Anita Eyles initiated the creation of hydrolysed collagen peptide drink after noticing that taking pharmaceutical collagen to treat joint and back pains makes the skin look better.

Taking into account personal experience, Totally Derma created the enzymatically hydrolysed collagen drink. It addresses aesthetic signs of aging, vaginal dryness, ligament and tendon problems, nail and hair breaking and underlying physiological processes.

Totally Derma are dedicated to science inspired and anti-aging healthcare solutions. Its mission is to improve skin, joint, gut and menopausal health using the motto “Research, Innovation, Quality and Efficacy”.

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