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Lip Care

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Advanced Lip Care Solutions for Healthy, Soft Lips

The skin on the lips is physiologically more sensitive to aggressive environmental damage since it is thinner.

Moreover, skin in this area is almost devoid of natural protective lubricant as the number of sebaceous glands is reduced.

Thus, dryness, peeling, and cracks are common problems.

Fine lines and dry cracked lips is a very common skin concern that can cause discomfort. Yet, regular lip care helps maintain their health.

Advanced skincare treatments nourish and moisturize skin cells on the lips, providing proper care.

Regular application maintains the optimal protective level, supplying vital ingredients and preventing skin conditions. Lips become softer, their skin becomes thicker, while the protective barrier is reinforced.

We have created a highly-curated collection of advanced lip care treatments that have been selected and approved by our scientific team for their effectiveness and high-quality.


Advanced Lip Care Formulas for Nourished and Hydrated Lips

The formulas of lip care is created to protect and nourish the delicate skin on the lips. Formulas often include vitamins, peptides, botanical extracts, acids, and oils that help hydrate the lips and reduce inflammation. 

Lip treatments come in different textures. It is possible to find creams, serums, balms or liquids.

You will find an advanced collection of lip care products that hydrate, nourish and repair the lip area.

All lip care treatments have been approved by our scientific team for their scientifically proven efficacy.

Our collection contains a range of prices to suit all clients. Feel free to take our skin test or contact us for help finding your ideal lip care products.

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