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Mineral Make-up

Why it's Dermoi

Award-Winning Mineral Make-Up Cosmetics with Skincare Benefits

Jane Iredale is an award winning mineral based cosmetics brand; recognised by beauty industry professionals for the high-quality of the ingredients and high-performing formulae with skin care benefits, enhancing natural radiance.

Discover Pure Beauty: Jane Iredale's Premium Mineral Makeup Collection in the UK

Jane Iredale products combine natural skin care formulae with multi-tasking mineral makeup.

All Jane Iredale makeup is free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, fillers, and GMO ingredients.

All products are dermatologist and allergy tested and preserved using only highly active, natural ingredients that do not clog pores.

Unlock Radiance:  Osmosis Mineral Makeup Collection, Perfectly Paired with Skincare and Wellness Essentials

Our Osmosis Makeup Collection, handpicked by Dermoi scientists, complements Osmosis Skincare and Wellness products. Crafted with non-toxic ingredients and natural pigments, these gentle formulas nourish and enhance your skin's natural radiance.

Flawless Beauty, Uncompromised Wellness: Explore Dermoi's Osmosis Mineral Makeup Collection

From concealers to foundations and lip care, each product in the collection delivers flawless results without compromising on wellness.

Experience Skincare Makeup -  Oxygenetix Foundation & Concealer Collection

Our Oxygenetix Foundation & Concealer Collection offers breathable beauty with its unique aloe vera base, providing soothing effects while offering buildable coverage.

Elevate Confidence and Wellness: Discover Dermoi's Skincare Makeup Collection for Your Beauty Regimen

Dermoi's commitment to quality ensures that our mineral makeup enhances your confidence while promoting skin health.

Have a look at the exciting range to add to your beauty regime.


Exploring the Benefits of Mineral Make-Up for Skin Health

Mineral makeup is made up of minerals from the earth, like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxide, rather than synthetic ingredients.

This makes it kinder on skin, as it's far less likely to irritate the skin, clog pores or cause an allergic reaction.

Dermoi's Curated Collection: Pure Radiance Mineral Makeup Essentials

Description: Elevate your beauty routine with Dermoi's meticulously curated collection of mineral makeup products. Designed by scientists, our non-comedogenic formulas offer flawless coverage while protecting and nourishing your skin.

Mineral Powder Foundation

Achieve a flawless complexion with our mineral powder foundation, crafted with natural ingredients for breathable coverage that enhances your skin's natural beauty and promotes overall wellness.

Mineral Eye Makeup

Elevate your eye game with our mineral eye makeup, featuring rich pigments and gentle formulas that deliver stunning color payoff while nourishing your delicate eye area.

Mineral Makeup Base

Create the perfect canvas for your makeup with our mineral makeup base, designed to smooth and prime your skin while providing a nourishing barrier that supports skin health.

Mineral Powder Loose

xperience lightweight yet buildable coverage with our mineral powder loose formula, finely milled for a smooth application and a natural-looking finish that lasts all day without clogging pores.

Mineral Makeup Powder Pressed

Enjoy the convenience of on-the-go touch-ups with our mineral makeup powder pressed compact, offering the same skin-loving benefits in a portable format for effortless application anytime, anywhere.

Mineral Makeup Blush

Add a healthy flush of color to your cheeks with our mineral makeup blush, infused with botanical extracts and natural pigments for a radiant glow that complements your skin tone.

Liquid Mineral Make Up

Foundation, Concealer: Achieve flawless coverage with our liquid mineral makeup, featuring a lightweight formula that blends seamlessly into the skin to conceal imperfections while promoting a luminous complexion.

Mineral Make Up Primer

Prep and perfect your skin with our mineral makeup primer, formulated to smooth fine lines and blur imperfections while extending the wear of your makeup for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

Mineral Lip Makeup

Nourish and enhance your lips with our mineral lip makeup, featuring hydrating formulas infused with botanical oils and vitamins to provide comfortable wear and vibrant color payoff.

Tailored Mineral Makeup Solutions: Dermoi's Specialized Formulations

Experience the pinnacle of skincare makeup expertise with Dermoi's meticulously curated collection. Our skincare makeup collection seamlessly blends advanced skincare benefits with high-performance makeup for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Mineral Makeup for Rosacea

Calm and conceal redness with our gentle mineral makeup, specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin and provide comfortable, long-lasting coverage without aggravating rosacea symptoms.

Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Experience comfort and confidence with our hypoallergenic mineral makeup, crafted with soothing ingredients to protect and nourish sensitive skin while delivering flawless coverage and a natural finish.

Mineral Makeup for Oily Skin

Control shine and minimize pores with our mattifying mineral makeup, designed to absorb excess oil and sweat while providing lightweight coverage that lasts all day without clogging pores or causing breakouts.

Mineral Makeup for Dry Skin

Hydrate and replenish dry, flaky skin with our moisturizing mineral makeup, enriched with nourishing oils and botanical extracts to restore moisture balance and promote a luminous, healthy-looking complexion.

Mineral Makeup for Over 50

Rejuvenate mature skin with our anti-aging mineral makeup, infused with skin-loving ingredients like antioxidants and peptides to smooth fine lines, blur imperfections, and enhance natural radiance for a youthful glow.

Mineral Makeup Organic

Embrace clean beauty with our organic mineral makeup, crafted with certified organic ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, providing safe and effective coverage for a naturally beautiful complexion.

If you have any questions, please email the Dermoi scientific team at for expert guidance and support.


What Are Mineral Makeup Benefits?

Mineral makeup offers numerous benefits, including natural sun protection, non-comedogenic properties, and gentle formulas that are suitable for sensitive skin, providing breathable coverage with a lightweight feel.

Which Ingredients Are Usually Included In Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup typically contains natural minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and mica. These ingredients provide color, coverage, and SPF protection while being gentle on the skin.

Is There a Difference Between Skincare Makeup and Mineral Makeup?

While both skincare makeup and mineral makeup prioritize skin health, there are differences. Skincare makeup often contains additional skincare ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, and hydrating agents, while mineral makeup focuses primarily on using mineral-based ingredients for color, coverage, and sun protection.






Shop Mineral Make-up
BB & CC Cream

Browse the collection of BB cream and CC cream cosmetics that  provide natural mineral coverage, SPF protection, and skincare benefits.


Explore the collection of blushers that add a natural flush, definition, and radiance to the cheeks, enhancing complexion with a subtle pop of color.


Explore the bronzer collection that adds a healthy glow. Collection includes bronzer cream, bronzer sticks, and bronzer powder.

Brow Gels

Discover brow gels that tame, shape, and define eyebrows, adding volume and holding hairs in place for a polished, groomed look.


Find concealer that uses mineral pigments for healthy skin. Collection includes full coverage concealer, under eye concealer and more.


Discover contour products that are healthy for your skin. Collection includes contour sticks, contour cream, and contour powder.

Eye Concealer

Find the best under eye concealer to suit you. The advanced under eye concealer collection features mineral-based products to promote healthy skin.


Explore eyeliners with clean formulas for sensitive eyes. Collection includes a variety of eyeliner colours, eyeliner pencils, and more to define eyes.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Discover eyeshadow brushes that provide a professional finish with every use. Blend, define, and apply eyeshadow effortlessly for stunning looks.

Face Powder

Discover face powder that uses mineral pigments to promote healthier skin. Collection includes pressed powder and loose powder to control shine.


Discover foundation makeup formulated with mineral pigments to promote healthier skin. Collection includes foundation makeup powder.


Discover advanced highlighter with clean, skin-loving formulas that add luminosity, glow, and dimension to the skin, providing a lit-from-within complexion.

Lip Gloss

Browse lip glosses formulated with nourishing botanicals to hydrate and soften the lips. Collection features clear lip gloss, lip plumping gloss and more.

Lip Pencils

Discover lip pencils that define, shape, and contour lips. Every lip liner pencil enhances lipstick wear and prevents feathering during the day.

Lip Plumpers

Discover lip plumper that add natural volume to the lip with advanced actives ingredients. Collection includes lip plumper balm and lip plumper serums.


Discover lipsticks with natural pigments and botanicals to nourish and hydrate the lips. Collection includes nude lipstick, matte lipsticks and more.


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Skin Concerns

Find makeup that's healthy for skin! Collection includes mineral makeup and skincare makeup for the face, eyes and lips.

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