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Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C Serums

Why it's Dermoi

Our skin is sensitive to different external aggressors. Factors such as UV exposure, pollution, stress and more can have a negative impact on the skin. In particular, these factors often expose the skin to molecules called free radicals that damage the skin and cause premature photo-aging. Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that is naturally stored in the skin. It is a powerful defender to the skin, making Vitamin C Serum an extremely popular skincare product.

Dermoi offers an expertly curated collection of advanced vitamin c serums that have been approved by our scientific team. Every serum found in this collection has been studied by our scientists and approved for its effective formulation. This is to ensure you can find effective Vitamin C serum UK.

Here, we offer a variety of powerful Vitamin C serum treatments for different skin types and concerns. For assistance finding the best vitamin C serums for your skin, please take our skin test or contact us.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that resists free radical damage and reduces their destructive effect on skin cells. In addition, vitamin C is involved in collagen production, wound healing, and the production of skin pigment (melanin).

Vitamin C serum for face is a high-concentration treatment, where just 2-3 drops can activate skin protection and reinforce resistance to external factors. In addition to the active ingredient, Vitamin C serum can also contain plant oils, botanical extracts, and other vitamins to boost the effectiveness of the formulation.

When selecting Vitamin C serum for face, keep in mind your skin type and individual compatibility.

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