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Calming Face Masks

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Calming Face Mask: Soothe and Restore Your Skin's Natural Balance

The epidermis of the skin is exposed to constant stress, caused by external factors. Wind, sunlight, temperature changes, pollutants, peeling procedures, etc. can lead to increased skin sensitivity, redness, itching, the feeling of tightness, or inflammation. Thus, it is vital to calm the skin to avoid unpleasant symptoms.

Advantages of Calming Face Masks

Soothing face masks reduce inflammation and irritation of the epidermis, activate metabolic processes in cells, and improve microcirculation. They also have restorative properties, making the surface of the skin softer and smoother.

Such treatments nourish and moisturize the skin, eliminate the feeling of tightness, and help reduce underlying inflammation that is causing addition skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation.

A calming face mask is a must-have treatment for sensitive skin, urban living, or after exfoliating procedures that can leave the skin fragile.

We offer an advanced collection of calming face masks that have been expertly selected and approved by our in-house scientific team for their effectiveness.

Our collection of products have been individually analysed using our scientific selection procedure to ensure each item is of the highest quality and efficacy. 


Discover Calming Face Masks: Soothing Solutions for Irritated Skin

Calming skincare products are often formulated with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory benefits such as herbal and green tea infusions, vitamins, botanical extracts, and oils. In addition, some contain antiseptics to help additionally soothe inflamed skin. 

Masks usually have gel or creamy textures that add instant comfort to irritated skin. They also include active ingredients that are easily absorbed and penetrate the skin deeply.

We offer an expertly curated collection of soothing products so that every client can find the right face mask to calm the skin.

Every face mask has been approved by our scientific team for its effectiveness. 

Please feel free to take our skin test or contact us for advice about your skin and the best products for you.

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