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10 Skincare Tips to Beat Holiday Heat

September 22, 2022

If you're jetting off on holiday this winter, here's how to keep your skin clean, clear, and hydrated on sunny days.

Author: Jessica Romero

Reading time: 5 minutes

Heat and humidity are not your skin’s best friends. From an increase in oiliness to breakouts, pigmentation and sun damage, warmer weather can wreak havoc.

So, what can you do to beat the heat, look after your skin and have a complexion that glows with health—not oiliness?

These ten skincare tips can help you to fight the effects of summer and look your best:

1. Keep Your Skin Clean

Keeping the skin free of dirt, sweat, and oil buildup is one of the simplest, most effective skincare tips for a gorgeous complexion. While this tip applies all year, it’s especially important during warmer months.

Heat causes the body to perspire, making it easier for excess oils, dirt and residue to cling onto your skin and cause blemishes. However, a good cleanser can combat this.

Using a mild cleanser for your face and gentle soap for the rest of your body, you can keep your skin both hydrated and radiant throughout the sticky summer.

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2. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

When it comes to skincare tips, exfoliation is an absolute staple. Products that contain a very mild abrasive help to scrub off stubborn layers of sweat, dirt, and oil residue, all of which contribute to the development of pimples, acne, and facial inflammation.

If you clean your face without exfoliating you may leave dirt, excess makeup and sebum build-up on the skin.

Bonus exfoliation skincare tips: If your skin is sensitive, use products with chemical exfoliants like alpha and beta-hydroxy acids. These ingredients are gentler than physical exfoliants. The Exfoliator IIExfoliator II from Indeed Labs is ideal for this.

3. Use The Right Moisturiser

Not all moisturisers are made equal. Yes, they all perform the function of skin hydration, but they also come in a wide variety, targeting different skin problems.

One moisturiser may tackle oily skin, hydrating it without adding extra residue. While others will suit dry skin, working to moisturise it on a much deeper level. Know what your skin needs to stay happy/

4. Stay Hydrated Inside and Out

A great hydration routine is the holy grail of skincare tips. In fact, it’s the holy grail of health tips, period. Water keeps you energised, regulates appetite, and makes sure your whole body is functioning as it should.

But let’s focus on the role water plays in keeping your skin happy.

This natural resource helps your liver flush out unwanted toxins that accumulate inside your body.

For healthy, glowing skin, keep your body well hydrated. This will not only ensure that your body can release internal toxins in a more efficient way, but it will also give your skin a fresher, dewier look that retains moisture on even the hottest days.

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5. Embrace The Power of Vitamin C Serums

There’s a reason why so many skincare products contain vitamin C. And why this vitamin is included as one of our sunny day skincare tips.

This powerful vitamin contains properties that actively promote the production of collagen and proteins that facilitate smooth, supple, and glowing skin. Vitamin C serums are great for long-term skincare maintenance.M

6. Use A Tinted Moisturiser

A tinted moisturiser is a type of moisturiser that contains a lasting bronzer. The Dreamt Tint Tinted Moitsurizer from Jane Iredale is a great example of this. If your skin struggles to tan without burning, this kind of warming moisturiser can help you achieve that glowing summer look—while your skin stays safe from sunburn.

7. Stick To Non-Comedogenic Makeup

When left on your face for too long, make-up can seriously clog your pores and make it difficult to retain naturally radiant skin. Non-comedogenic makeup is designed specifically to do the opposite. It comes off easily and is clog-resistant, even when worn for long periods at a time.

You can find non-comedogenic makeup in the form of concealer, foundation, eye shadow, blush, and a wide variety of other cosmetic products. If you use regular comedogenic makeup, oil buildup and pore-clogging are going to be a constant cause of skin problems.

Jane Iredale have a wide range of mineral makeup products that won’t clog pores.

8.Choose The Right Skincare Products

Your skin is as unique as your fingerprints and it changes as you age and go through different life stages. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. That’s why it’s so important to find skincare products that meet your specific needs.

Some skincare products focus more on hydration, which is great if your skin is dry, but not if it’s prone to oiliness. It may take some time to learn what your skin needs, but the results will be well worth it.

Skincare tips for purchasing the right products: As a general rule, pick skincare products that are high in natural minerals and vitamins, low on artificial fragrances or additives, and as sustainably sourced as possible.

Skincare Tips PCA Skin

9. Slather On the Sunscreen

The sun may be a source of warmth, joy, and wonder for many people. But it’s also capable of doing serious damage when you don’t properly protect yourself from its powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sun exposure is not your skin’s best friend, but sunscreen certainly is.

Heliocare provide some of the best sunscreens on the market for optimum protection.

When you are spending time under the sun, give yourself a full-body sunscreen slather, focusing on the most exposed areas such as the face, neck, shoulders, and back. Sunscreen is essential!

10. Look After Your Lips

The lips are often overlooked when it comes to skincare tips, but that just adds to the importance of taking care of them.

Give your lips a regular exfoliation session and finish with a deeply moisturising lip balm to seal in that hydration for as long as possible.

The heat and humidity of summer can make skincare a struggle, but not if you follow these approved skincare tips. Drink lots of water, slap on the sunscreen, wear non-comedogenic makeup, and use products that work for your skin type. Your skin will thank you for it!