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Purifeyes™ is a clinically-developed eye hygiene product that helps limit the growth of microbes and inflammation surrounding your eyes, which can alleviate dry eyes in the long run. It has been designed with the help of leading ophthalmologists to provide professional-level periocular hygiene.

Purifeyes™ brings a revolutionary approach to periocular hygiene. Purifeyes™ is different from traditional antiseptics and cleansers as it does not use toxic agents which may harm the ocular surface. Utilising an oxidising , this product is incredibly effective yet non-cytotoxic, so is safe for use on human skin and eyelashes, as well as being contact lens compatible. Furthermore, Purifeyes™ achieves all relevant European Standards.


Purifeyes is a revolutionary formula scientifically crafted to provide an extra layer of protection from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Using a unique process, sodium hypochlorite is converted into hypochlorous chemistry which mimics the natural defence system of our immune system. Unlike traditional skin antiseptics, which use a toxic method of action, Purifeyes uses an oxidising method that is not only more effective but also non-cytotoxic and safe for the ocular surface and human skin.

Periocular cleanser Purifeyes was developed to address the drawbacks of traditional antiseptics and cleansers. Products like isopropyl alcohol can cause serious burns, while povidone iodine stings and may stain clothing and contact lenses. Chlorhexidine can be toxic to the cornea, can cause stinging, and may lead to an increase in allergies and anaphylaxis. In addition, chlorhexidine and alcohol products are subject to antimicrobial resistance. With the introduction of Purifeyes, it is now possible to have a more gentle and effective way of cleansing the delicate periocular area without the associated risks.

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