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Endocare Anti-Aging Skincare is the Future - Here's Why!

January 26, 2022

Breakthrough after breakthrough in skincare technologies, Endocare anti-aging skincare is the future!

Author: Dermoi

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Cantabria Labs, the laboratory behind Endocare

We are excited to partner with one of the more scientific pharmaceutical company in Europe – Cantabria Labs. The history of Cantabria Labs, the leader in pharmaceutical research and development, started in 1989. It is a genuine story of a dream that comes true thanks to effort and dedication of the team with close spirit and international dimension.

Cantabria Labs is passionate about innovation. Every year they invest 12% of their turnover in research of new technologies to ensure maximum scientific efficacy of their products for healthier skin. With one of the widest ranges of innovative cosmeceutical products, Cantabria Labs is a favourite brand of dermatologists in Europe. It is currently holding leading positions in Spain, Italy and Portugal with presence in over 80 countries and subsidiaries.

The production centres of Cantabria Labs located in Spain achieve the highest quality standards for production and distribution of over 30 million units of product a year. It employs 840 people all over the world. Cantabria Labs is recognized in the healthcare industry for their achievements in innovation and scientific endorsement. Cantabria Labs offers society products for a good quality of life: “celebrate life”.

Endocare is one of the most prominent medi grade cosmeceutical brands developed by Cantabria Labs.

Endocare means clinically proven medi-grade skincare

Endocare is one of the most prominent medi-grade cosmeceutical brands developed by Cantabria Labs. Its efficacy has been scientifically proven over 20 years of clinical research and clinical trials. There are extensive scientific studies and medical publications supporting the effectiveness of the product range. The Endocare range is focused on advanced anti-aging dermal regeneration. It offers prevention and visible reduction of skin aging with long lasting results.

The whole range of anti-aging Endocare products is formulated with patented technologies and active ingredients that prove to act even in the deepest layers of the skin.

The key technologies used in Endocare anti-aging skincare

Patented SCA Biorepair technology:

SCA Biorepair is a chief ingredient in the whole range of all Endocare products. This complex combines potent antioxidants with natural growth factors.

This great idea was born from the concern of Dr. Rafael Abad, radiotherapist of the Hospital Ramón y Cajal, for his patients that were undergoing radiation therapy. These patients suffered very severe burns during radiation therapy treatment. After various studies Dr. Abad discovered that the secretion of Cryptomphalus aspersa achieved rapid regeneration in the damaged skin of these patients. In the mid 1990s, Cantabria Labs patented the process of obtaining this secretion.

This was followed by research and the publication of numerous studies that demonstrated their scientific endorsement in the field of repair and improvement of damaged and aged skin.

Garden snail Growth Factor

Cryptomphalus aspersa (garden snail) reacts to aggressions by producing a complex glycoprotein secretion, called SCA® Growth Factor Technology. This complex aids in the regeneration of damaged skin structures.

Mechanisms of Action

SCA Growth factor effectively prevents, protects, and repairs skin damage. It also aids in powerful skin regenerating and firming action. Antioxidants contained in SCA complex aid in skin protection against environmental aggressors. SCA Growth Factor Technology promotes skin rejuvenation by reducing the number and depth of wrinkles, returning firmness and smoothness to the skin, and providing extra luminosity.

Antioxidant Activity

SCA Growth Factor Technology contains antioxidants that aid in skin protection. They also help to prevent the appearance of dull tone and reduce skin roughness.

Regenerating activity

SCA Growth Factor Technology acts on the fibroblast by reactivating cells and thus promotes skin rejuvenation.

Redensifying activity

It activates the production of extracellular matrix components such as collagen, essential to combat loss of skin density and reduce wrinkles.

Growth factors used in the formulation proved their high resistance to multiple environmental factors including temperature changes, UV radiations and excessive dryness. In combination with antioxidants when topically applied SCA Biorepair technology stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This is clinically proven to be essential for the reduction of the signs of aging including surface wrinkles and fine lines. SCA Biorepair also has notable regenerative properties, with a successful track record in rejuvenating aging and sun-damaged skin.

SCA Growth Factors in the Endocare anti-aging skincare range

SCA Growth factors are a technologically advanced approach to anti-aging which is used in most Endocare products. It acts directly on the fibroblasts, enabling aged skin cells to behave more youthfully again. Through this process it allows olders skin cells which otherwise wouldn't produce collagen, to produce it again.

The endocare anti-aging skincare range has some major benefits for your skin

  • Clinically proven patented medi-grade SCA Biorepair technology.
  • Utilization of potent natural growth factors to restore the skin
  • High effectiveness in reversing signs of aging or photo-damaged skin
  • Visibly and physically rejuvenates skin

Daily use of Endocare anti-aging products

  • Reduce lines & wrinkles
  • Increase elasticity & tightness
  • Enhance texture, tone & luminosity

Tensage Endocare products

Tensage medi-grade skincare products are scientifically formulated to physically and visibly rejuvenate aged skin. Every Endocare Tensage serum or cream contains SCA Biorepair Technology which is combines with the Tensderm active phytoestrogen and calcium firming complex. This provides a highly effective age reversing skin rejuvenating product that is easy to use and pleasant when applied to the skin.

Which are the Endocare products to keep an eye out for?

Endocare Tensage Serum

this is an effective day/night serum that has a creamy texture. It rapidly absorbs in the skin leaving it silky and hydrated. Its potent formula intensively rejuvenates the skin. The serum contains high percentages - 15% of SCA Biorepair technology and Tensderm technology for firming and rejuvenation. Other active ingredients include: vitamin C, & E & CoQ10 in an antioxidant boosting complex, Niacinamide (vitamin B3) – for skin-brightening and anti-inflammatory properties, and Hyaluronic acid for skin moisturisation.

Endocare Tensage Cream

This is a rich and creamy gel which can be used morning or/and evening. It has a non-oily texture and rapidly absorbs. Its unique and powerful formulation helps rejuvenate aging and photo-damaged skin. It contains 6% of SCA Biorepair Technology, Tensderm - active phytoestrogen and calcium firming complex, and additional active ingredients. These include Vitamin E to boost anti-oxidant activity, and an intensive hydronutritive complex for intense lipid restoration and moisturisation.

Endocare Eye and Lip Contour

This amazing eye product is specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. It has a silky texture and quickly absorbs into the skin. It immediately rejuvenates the skin while protecting skin from oxidative stress.

It combines 10% of SCA Biorepair Technology 10% Tensdermactive phytoestrogen and calcium firming complex, and additional active ingredients. These include: Superoxide Dismutase to boost antioxidant activity, a Tripeptide to boost collagen stimulation and synthesis, a Tetrapeptide to improve under eye puffiness, and Illuminating Light Capturing Pigments to enhance the visual radiance of the area. A Hyaluronic acid and squalene complex aid in hydration and retention of moisture in the skin.

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