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MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect: Your Solution for Brighter Skin

November 01, 2022

MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect serum is what Vitamin C dreams are made of - find out why.

Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 5 minutes

MZ Skin is a skincare line that pride themselves on results-driven formulas which are developed by a board of dermatologists. They produce pharmacy-grade skincare whilst incorporating the luxury skincare packaging. By doing so, their users are able to bask in a luxurious skincare experience whilst still able to enjoy pharmacy-grade skincare.

Their best seller, MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect serum is what Vitamin C dreams are made of. It brightens, evens out hyperpigmentation and gives you a dewy glow. Let us delve into MZ Skin to see if their Vitamin C serum really lives up to their claims.

MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect serum

Who Are MZ Skin?

The brand’s owner is Dr Maryam Zamani, whose innovative vision paves the way for revitalising skincare that targets an array of skin concerns. Coming from a medical background, Dr Zamani understands the importance of having science-backed skincare. Hence, each MZ skincare product has undergone vigorous clinical trials to validate its efficacy. Notably, the MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect serum has been a cult favourite amongst its users. It is a Vitamin C serum with a lab-made formulation that is sure to deliver all the Vitamin C serum benefits you could dream of.

What Is MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect?

MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect is exactly as its name implies; it is a serum that would help brighten and perfect your skin with its key ingredient of Vitamin C. This MZ skin serum is a fast acting serum. It combines a powerful blend of peptides and 10% stabilised vitamin C to target hyperpigmentation and age spot. It's also able to even out skin tone imperfections.

What makes MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect stand out from the saturated market of other Vitamin C serums is its unique formulation of an oil dissolvable form of vitamin C that is 10% stabilised. Since vitamin C is a potent antioxidant drug, it tends to oxidise easily which may disrupt the effects of the vitamin C serum. By using the oil dissolvable form of vitamin C, it is highly stable and less irritating. You are able to reap the vitamin C serum benefits without worrying about its stability or change in efficacy.

What Is Uneven Skin Tone?

An uneven skin tone is typically characterised with (but not limited to): aging spots, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne scarring. The major culprit that contributes to an uneven skin tone is closely related to the exposure of skin to UV light that leads to photoaging. UV light exposure generates ROS, otherwise known as reactive oxidative species, that initiates chain reactions of free radicle damage to the skin. ROS can directly alter cellular DNA, as well as cellular proteins, - neither are good effects.

This whole process is termed oxidative stress, and the more oxidative stress you have, the more you undergo photoageing which leads to premature aging. The cumulative effec of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation result in the uneven skin tone that you are experiencing.

How Do I Fix My Uneven Skin Tone?

Antioxidants are very necessary to offsetting the negative effects of ROS. Vitamin C is equally effective against both UVA and UVB rays, making it a great antioxidant serum to have. Sunscreens when properly applied go a long way in preventing UV-induced harmful effects. However it is important to use sunscreens combined with a topical antioxidant to optimise UV protection.

Vitamin C

What Is a Vitamin C Serum?

Because of its antioxidant properties, a vitamin C serum works wonders in protecting against photoaging and reducing oxidative stress. You may often see vitamin C products labelled differently. Ascorbic acid or other vitamin C derivatives all essentially work the same.

Besides vitamin C being a potent antioxidant, it is also intimately linked with collagen synthesis. Vitamin C serves as a cofactor for enzymes that are responsible for stabilising and cross-linking collagen molecules. It also directly triggers collagen synthesis by activating the transcription of collagen. Transcription is a process of copying the genetic material required to synthesise a target protein - in this case, collagen.

Does Vitamin C Serum Fade Dark Spots?

Vitamin C is an incredible depigmenting agent. It interacts to inhibit the action of the enzyme responsible for melanin production, tyrosinase. Melanin manifests into hyperpigmentation and subsequently an uneven skin tone. It can therefore be concluded that vitamin C serum benefits do not just improve overall skin health but helps with hyperpigmentation as well.

Which Vitamin C Serum Is Best for Brightening Skin?

The MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect serum would be our top pick here at Dermoi. It’s unique formula with peptides and a 10% stabilised oil soluble vitamin C is suitable to be used for all skin types as it is less irritative, highly efficient and highly stable.

Is MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect Vegan?

All MZ Skin products consist of ingredients that are ethically sourced and do not test on animals. Their formulations are also free from parabens, silicon, sulphate, phthalates and GMOs.

What Are the Benefits of MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect

MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect should be used in the morning and evening. Apply two pumps of the product and follow up with your daily SPF.

It is clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation by 37.0% and brighten skin by 29.4% over 30 days. Overall, your skin would be strengthened, refined and looking brighter than ever.

Why Is MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect Dermoi?

MZ Skin’s overall brand philosophy and carefully curated products that have undergone rigorous lab testing is the main reason MZ Skin is Dermoi approved.

Vitamin C’s benefits seem too good to be true, however there is a downside as Vitamin C in its pure form often degrades once products are opened. Without proper UV packaging, vitamin C’s would easily oxidise rendering them of their antioxidant properties. MZ Skin’s choice to use a stabilised version alongside the added peptides is sure to deliver the best of what vitamin C serums have to offer.


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