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Body Moisturizers

Body Moisturizers

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The lack of moisture and skin dehydration come as one of the most frequent reasons for the emergence of skin imperfections, including aging signs. Our skin needs moisturizers to maintain the optimal hydro-lipid level and prevent skin from premature aging. This is why moisturizing comes as one of the main steps in the daily skincare routine.

The need for frequent body hydration arises due to multiple factors, such as too-hard water, constant sun exposure, bad habits, etc. Thus, your skin care routine should start with moisturizing body with proper products.

Proper skin hydration with body moisturizers is beneficial due to a wide list of advantages. Hydration allows for improving the skin barrier, normalizing the hydro-lipid layer, enhancing the skin complexion, smoothening the skin surface, etc. The favorable effect of proper moisturizing is visible immediately: fine lines and wrinkles are smoothened, skin becomes even, radiant, and fresh-looking, and imperfections are minimized.

Dermoi's Scientific Department has cherry-picked the most effective body moisturizers using their rigorous scientific selection procedure. They have selected a wide palette of moisturizing products for any need and skin type. The offered products treat skin cells with care and nourish them with vital micro-elements.


Botanical extracts, nutrients, acids, oils, and other active components are used in products to make their formulas rich and effective at treating skin concerns. Formulations are developed by professional chemists and dermatologists who expertly combine the effects of active nutrients to ensure benefits on different skin types.

Moisturizers are available in different forms, such as balms, creams, and gels. Due to a wide assortment of products, it is possible to pick a body moisturizer for any skin type. All body moisturizers have been analysed and selected by Dermoi's scientific team to ensure they are high quality and effective. By ordering these body moisturizers, customers can be sure that they do not contain toxic or harmful elements.

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