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Chemical Peels

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Achieve Radiant Skin: Transforming Your Complexion with Chemical Peels

Millions of dead skin particles are shed from human skin daily. The epidermis naturally sheds dead skin cells.

With age, this process slows down, and as a result, the skin gradually becomes dull and cellular processes are impaired. A chemical skin peel with skincare acids helps improve this problem.

Effect of Chemical Peeling

Under the influence of acids, the bonds holding dead skin cell to the surface of the skin are removed. This releases dead skin cells from the surface of the skin without physical scrubbing.

Chemical peels also trigger growth factor release in the skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers.

As a result, the skin becomes more clear, smooth, even-toned, and plump, while the number of fine lines and their severity decreases.

Many skin imperfections are also smoothed out and disappear after a chemical peel, namely, hyperpigmentation and acne spots are reduced.

In addition, the functioning of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the complexion is evened out, and post-acne marks disappear.

Dermoi offer multiple solutions for effective and safe chemical peeling at home.

Every products has been approved by our in-house scientific team for its effectiveness and quality. 


Exploring Effective Chemical Peels with Fruit Acids

Fruit acids are the most popular ingredients for chemical peeling.

AHA's, BHA's, and PHA's such as glycolic acid,  lactic acid and mandelic acids, and gluconolactone are frequently used for chemical peels for face.

Chemical peel often come in gel or liquid forms that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Below, you’ll find a expertly curated list of options for effective peeling.

Feel free to contact us or take our skin test for personal advise about your skin. 

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