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Osmosis Dual Foundation Brush

The Osmosis Dual Foundation Brush uses a dual-purpose design for expert buffing and blending of liquid, powder or cream foundation. The expert brush combines a traditional paddle and a densely packed buffing brush for a perfect finish.


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The Osmosis Dual Foundation Brush embodies versatility and precision in makeup application with its innovative dual-purpose design. One end features a traditional paddle, ideal for flawlessly applying liquid or cream foundation with controlled coverage and smooth application. Meanwhile, the opposite end boasts densely packed, slanted fibers designed for buffing and blending, ensuring an immaculate finish. This thoughtful construction allows for seamless integration of foundation, blending it seamlessly into the skin's texture for a natural, airbrushed appearance. Whether you prefer liquid or cream foundations, this brush ensures precise application and impeccable blending for a flawless complexion.

Recommended for use with Osmosis's Flawless Foundation, Primers, and Brush Cleaner, this brush amplifies the performance of these products. Its dual-purpose functionality optimizes the application of foundation and primers, ensuring even distribution and a polished finish. Additionally, the brush cleaner compatibility ensures easy maintenance, allowing for the effective removal of makeup residue and maintaining the brush's performance for long-lasting, professional-quality application.

Dermoi scientists chose the Osmosis Dual Foundation Brush purely for the convenience of our customers. Given its complementary nature, there was no need for scientific verification to include it in our offerings.

Osmosis Beauty, helmed by Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, reshapes skincare through visionary innovation. Beginning with Cosmedix in 1997, Dr. Johnson disrupted norms by blending medical results with natural ingredients, pioneering a holistic skincare revolution. Their approach focuses on skin health, employing non-exfoliating methods like dermal remodeling and DNA repair.

Their commitment to holistic wellness transcends skincare, addressing the root causes of skin issues and advocating for Oncology Friendly Skincare. They empower individuals with education on skin health, emphasizing prevention for a healthier future. Osmosis Beauty's dedication extends to eco-conscious packaging and environmental advocacy, aligning with their holistic philosophy.

As an authorized stockist in the UK, Dermoi proudly offers access to Osmosis Beauty's exceptional products, showcasing our dedication to nurturing healthy, radiant skin. Join Osmosis Beauty on their transformative journey towards Beauty Uncompromised™ and a more sustainable world.

Use the Osmosis Dual Foundation Brush to apply foundation, contour, and sculpt with ease.

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