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Gel Moisturiser

Gel Moisturiser

Why it's Dermoi

The skin requires hydration. This is because moisture helps the skin to function properly and maintain a healthy appearance. Moisturizing prevents the skin from losing water, premature aging, cracking, flaking or other issues.

Moisturizers are rich blends of multi-spectrum ingredients that hydrate and nourish cells. Moisturisers are designed to remain on the surface of the skin to reinforce the skin barrier, and are therefore, used as the final step in a daily skincare routine. By applying a gel moisturizer to the skin surface, sufficient nutrition and hydration to the skin can be maintained with a lightweight feel.

The modern skincare industry offers a variety of moisturizers. Moisturizing gel is very beneficial and popular choice as it provides the skin with lightweight hydration.

Our scientific team has created an advanced collection of high-quality gel moisturizers. Our scientists have analysed dozens of moisturizers on the market and have selected only those with effective formulas. Every gel moisturizer in the collection has been approved by the scientific team for its high-quality and efficacy.


Gel moisturizer often contains nourishing active ingredients such as amino acids, peptides, niacinamide, vitamin E, oils, and fruit or floral extracts. Such blends have a deep hydrating and nourishing effect on cells, accelerating cellular processes and skin cell turnover.

Moisturizing gel has become a popular type of facial treatment. The gel has a light consistency, absorbs perfectly.

Below, customers can browse through the collection of high-quality, effective gel moisturizers. For help finding the best products for your skin, please feel free to take our skin test or contact us. We can assist in choosing an appropriate gel moisturizer in the UK.

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