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Anti-aging skincare is arguably the most in-demand sector of the market. In the age of social media, the importance of having an effective anti-aging skincare routine has never been more prevalent.

We have analysed the leading anti-aging products on the market, from anti-aging creams to facial anti-aging serums, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and impressive product range.

How Can I Improve My Skin Aging?

While we cannot stop the natural aging process, we can certainly slow it down. There are several miracle anti-aging ingredients and products which target the signs of aging and prevent premature aging skin.

Firstly, applying an effective sunscreen daily is one of the most important aspects of any anti-aging skincare routine. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes DNA changes to happen in the skin which causes premature aging, as well as skin cancer. Sunscreens help to protect the skin from sun damage, in turn helping it to stay looking and feeling young.

Furthermore, collagen peptides and collagen supplements are also anti-aging powerhouses. Several studies have shown collagen supplementation to slow down skin aging by keeping skin hydrated and plump, while reducing wrinkles.

Vitamin A, growth factors and antioxidants such as Vitamin C are also great anti-aging ingredients.


Aging skin is sadly a natural part of growing older. With age, collagen levels in the skin deplete and the skin’s outer layer, or epidermis, begins to thin. This leads to thinner, paler looking skin. What’s more, over time skin also develops wrinkles, age spots, and often becomes dry.

There are two main types of skin aging. These are intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic aging is essentially the skin’s natural aging process. During this process, the skin loses elasticity, becomes dry and pales, and develops wrinkles. From our mid twenties we begin to lose collagen at a rate of around 1% per year. Extrinsic aging factors can increase this collagen degradation.

Extrinsic aging is caused by environmental factors such as sunlight (photoaging)¹, smoking, pollution and poor diet.

Which Brand Is Best for Anti-Aging?

Evenswiss are a revolutionary brand which utilise ground-breaking anti-aging technology. Each product contains their patented Dermatopoietin complex. This promotes the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which supports the skin’s natural renewal process. In turn, this helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin on the face, and overall works to stop premature aging skin in its tracks.²


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