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Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Why it's Dermoi

Each skin type has its own unique features. Combination skin is one of the most common skin types that includes a mix of oily and dry skin. For example, the epidermis can be oily on the cheeks, while cells are dehydrated on the chin. This type of skin requires thorough product selection to treat all zones correctly, as well as provide cells with the required nutrients.

Daily skincare for combination skin is an important step to keep the epidermis healthy. Proper cleansing, moisturizing, toning, and exfoliating are required. In this section, clients find products for all these stages.

Our scientific team has created a collection of skincare products for combination skin. Clients can look through the collection and pick the needed treatments without wasting time. All skin products for combination skin in the collection has passed our rigorous selection process and has been approved by the scientific team for its effective formulation.


The contents of products for combination skin differ depending on their purpose in a skincare routine. If we consider cleansers, cleansing agents, oils, and botanical extracts are used to dissolve impurities effectively while nourishing the skin. To develop exfoliators, acids and enzymes are used. Moisturizers have rich blends of nutrients, acids, peptides, and oils to ensure broad nutrition and hydration.

Below, we offer a complete collection of products for combination skin. Customers can pick suitable treatments for all stages of their skincare routines. If clients need help or consultation, they can take our skin test or contact us.

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