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The Top 6 Benefits of Sunscreen

August 05, 2022

With summer in full swing here are the best benefits of sunscreen, as well as why you should be wearing it daily all year round!

Author: Maria Grabar

Reading time: 7 minutes

In the last decade, sunscreen has grown in popularity so much that the main shelves of cosmetic stores are fully stocked all year round. In this article, we will analyse whether this popularity is justified and whether the benefits of sunscreen are worth introducing into your daily routine.

Why Is The Sun So Dangerous To Our Skin?

There are several types of ultraviolet light emitted by the sun - UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. While the shortest UV-C light gets absorbed by the ozone layer surrounding the Earth, other types of ultraviolet light penetrate through that and affect the skin.

Exposure to UV-B light causes direct damage to DNA in cells. This is the main reason for sunburns. UV-A waves are less intense than UV-B but they can penetrate deeper into skin layers, affecting blood vessels and epidermal tissue.

What are the Benefits of Sunscreen on the Face?

Below we have provided a list of many benefits of sunscreen on the face.

1. Protect the skin from sunburns

Sunburn is a natural skin defence mechanism against DNA damage by UV light. UV causes distortion of the DNA structure making it look bent and tangled, thereby terminating the process of replication and transcription.

When such crucial processes are interrupted, the cells are no longer able to produce proteins, the building blocks of life, so they die resulting in sunburn. Such brands like Heliocare produce sunscreen products that help protect the DNA from deterioration.

2. Reduce inflammation and redness

Sun rays effects stimulate the activation of cytokines, local mediators of the innate immune response. Cytokines stimulate the recruitment and proliferation of immune cells, such as macrophages and mast cells.

Macrophages are responsible for engulfing pathogenic organisms, such as bacteria that might enter the skin in areas damaged by the sun, while mast cells initiate inflammatory responses directly.

Additionally, there is significant evidence showing that cytokines induced by UV light are involved in the activation of relatively persistent pain by direct stimulation of sensory neurons. Therefore, being in the sun without sunscreen can further exacerbate discomfort on the skin.

3. Lower the probability of developing skin cancer

“UV radiation is classified as a 'complete carcinogen' because it is both a mutagen and a non-specific damaging agent and has properties of both a tumour initiator and a tumour promoter.”
- Dr D’Orazio

One of the many benefits of SPF and a huge summer beauty tip is a lowered probability of mutations in skin cells, hence a lower probability of developing melanoma (skin cancer).

4. Reduce the signs of premature aging

One of the major benefits of sunscreen on the skin is significant protection from photoaging. In countries with highly developed beauty industries, such as South Korea or Japan, the daily application of SPF-containing creams and lotions has become a part of their culture. This should be replicated across the globe!

UV light penetrates the middle layers of the skin causing the abnormal build-up of elastin. The increased amount of elastin stimulates the production of enzymes called metalloproteinases which degrade collagen fibres.

Lowered levels of collagen do not allow the skin to regenerate and rebuild the skin leading to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

benefits of sunscreen on the skin

5. Avoid broken blood vessels

Additionally, the effect of ultraviolet rays damaging collagen fibres may cause the walls of blood vessels to thin out. Collagen surrounds all capillaries, veins, and arteries to protect them from mechanical damage. As a result, damaged blood vessels may lead to the appearance of bruises, bleeding, and the formation of small hematomas.

6. Keeps complexion even

One of the many benefits of sunscreen is that it helps to avoid dark spots (also called liver spots) and skin discolouration. The spots vary in size and shape and can appear suddenly as you’re aging. Liver spots appear because the UV light increases the production of melanin so that overactive cells produce high amounts of pigment resulting in the appearance of unevenly distributed spots.

Hyperpigmentation is generally harmless, although it may be confused with some forms of melanoma, so it is crucial to check every unusual formation on the skin with a dermatologist. Investing in sunscreen may reduce the expenses needed to perform diagnostics. The cost of protecting your skin may be even more reduced by choosing budget options.

Can Sunscreen Improve Your Skin?

Apart from the protection from sun rays, SPF products provide a natural glow to the skin, almost as if you’re applying highlighter. However, the sunscreen glow looks more natural as it is not used locally but distributed around the whole face. Another tick in the list of benefits of SPF!

Additionally, there are many broad-spectrum sunscreens, like Heliocare 360 Water Gel SPF 50 that are rich in vitamin C, E and antioxidants from green tea extract. The extract reduces inflammation, calms irritation and works specifically against acne-causing bacteria so that the skin is not only protected against the sun, but also from external pathogens.

Should I Wear Sunscreen every day?

The SPF product should be applied every day even if you’re staying inside for the whole day. UV light can pass through dark clouds and glass, so it is very important to keep protecting your skin barrier all the time.

UV-B is present a lot in summer, but the effect of UV-A should be kept under control for the whole year. Additionally, UV-A damage is irreversible and accumulative, so it might be essential to protect the skin from sun ray's effects as soon as possible. Wearing sunscreen is not just a regular summer beauty tip, but a lifehack on how to keep your look fresh and healthy in a long-term perspective.

Does Sunscreen Prevent Aging?

Aging is a natural process so wearing sunscreen can’t prevent it directly. However, using SPF products may help to slow down the process by reducing the number of free radicals activated by UV light which damages the DNA. As a result, a simple sunscreen applied a couple of times a day may protect the cells from internal damage and allow them to perform their functions at the best level possible.

benefits of sunscreen in summer

Does Sunscreen Whiten Skin?

When you apply sunscreen on your face, it acts as a regular cream turning transparent in contact with the skin. However, even though sunscreen products don’t contain any products that bleach your skin, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide present in the composition can make your face appear lighter. The components are white in colour and don’t absorb through the surface of the skin leaving a white cast.

The problem of creating a white cast on the skin can be particularly worrying for people with darker skin tones, so it is important to choose the product that creates a barrier that is both transparent and effective. As an example, Invisible Spray SPF 50+ may be a good option for protecting the skin of darker skin tones and providing antioxidant protection.

One possible way to avoid a white cast is to try different textures of sunscreens. There are many of them on the market: cream, gel-cream, stick, fluid or powder, the choice is huge so that everyone can find a suitable option according to their taste. For instance, The Mineral Tolerance Fluid SPF 50+ quickly absorbs into the skin with a silky finish allowing you to maintain a fresh and natural complexion throughout the rest of the day.

The main benefit of mineral sunscreen is that it creates a physical barrier that doesn’t allow UV light to go through the skin. Regular sunscreen uses chemicals to filter out the UV rays, so some of them may still go through.

To sum up, the benefits of sunscreen are vast. From protection against skin conditions to additional pros such as hydration and soothing, we recommend introducing this as a daily habit to start your morning with!

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