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12 Best Treatments & Eye Creams to Get Rid of Dark Circles - According to Experts

May 30, 2023
Author: Eve

Reading time: 10 minutes

Dark circles under the eyes bother men and women quite often. As a rule, such a cosmetic defect is associated with overwork, but sometimes this symptom signals a disease.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive; blood vessels are visible through it. Any negative changes in the body, whether it be illness, fatigue, or lack of sleep, affect the quality of blood and blood vessels, affecting the skin around the eyes.

Types of Dark Circles

When dealing with the issue, first of all, it is important to understand the cause of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and then choose a suitable treatment. Thus, the first step is to identify the type of dark circles under eyes. The following kinds are distinguished:


If the skin around the eyes is much darker than the rest of the face, it is most likely due to hyperpigmentation. This is an overproduction of melanin, a natural pigment produced in our cells and responsible for skin color. In this case, the best solution for skincare will be product formulas containing brightening ingredients. These include:

  • niacinamide (which suppresses melanin production);
  • alpha-arbutin (a mild derivative of the powerful bleach hydroquinone);
  • vitamin C, which also has brightening properties.

It is very important to use sunscreen with a high protection factor. Otherwise, exposure to ultraviolet rays can make under-eye circles even brighter.

Anatomical features

Another type of dark circle can be caused by the shape of the eye area and not by the skin itself. Some people have deeply-set eyes, from here the so-called lacrimal groove often appears. It forms a shadow and creates a visual effect of dark circles. At the same time, with age, subcutaneous fat and other tissues become thinner and the effect of dark circles is enhanced. Unfortunately, no cream will help in this case. Here, it is better to turn to a cosmetologist for a solution to the problem.

Translucent vessels

Another common cause of dark circles is blue veins that are visible through the skin. The epidermis in this area is much thinner and more delicate, and this makes the veins more visible, especially if they are close to the face surface. In this case, products that narrow the capillaries and make them invisible help. For example, caffeine comes as a working ingredient.

types of dark circles

What Causes Dark Circles under the Eyes?

There are several common reasons for dark circles appearance. In most cases, the skin around the eyes becomes darker due to the following factors:

  • You sleep too little. Lack of sleep is the most common reason. If your body does not rest enough during sleep, sensitive skin under the eyes immediately reacts to this problem.
  • Your skin is dehydrated. 60% of the human body consists of water. If your body is dehydrated, this leads to tissue contraction, resulting in dark circles.
  • You strain your eyes often. When you try to read or see something, you strain your eyes. As a result, blood vessels enlarge and become more visible.
  • Body illnesses or diseases. Dark circles may come as a sign of serious body malfunction. This factor can signal anemia, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies, etc.
  • Age changes. With age, the skin losses elastin and collagen, which makes shadows more visible.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

If you want to know how to get rid of dark circles under eyes, note that the treatment is a complex process that comprises a balanced sleep and wake schedule, diet, the consumption of essential vitamins, and, of course, an external daily skincare routine.

Dark Circles Treatment

Yet, when selecting the right strategy for dark circles under eyes treatment, it is important to find out the cause of their appearance. Only once the reason is identified, a working treatment is appointed because each case requires an individual approach. For example, if the lack of sleep is the problem, then you should just normalize your daily regime, but if dark circles are signs of the disease, medical treatment is required. Depending on the cause of dark circles, the following ways of treatments can be taken:

  • normalization of nutrition and highly effective diet, including water balance;
  • normalization of sleep and wake regime;
  • visiting a psychologist;
  • medical treatment to cure identified diseases;
  • skincare treatment according to your age.

How to Cover Dark Circles?

Anyway, regardless of the problem, regular treatment with skincare products helps cells fight the visible signs of dark circles and strengthen their physical resistance to external and internal impacts. Thus, the daily use of cosmetic skincare facial products targeted at the under-eye area will never be too much.

How do we Test Skincare Products?

Dermoi! is a team of dedicated professionals that unite their knowledge and skills to find the best eye cream for dark circles in the UK. The group of specialists includes:

  • chemists;
  • dermatologists;
  • cosmetologists;
  • doctors.

Specialists from different domains perform clinical tests, analyze compositions, and do all the required measures to sort out high-quality skincare products to improve the efficiency of dark circles treatment. Based on our tests and the obtained results, the following goods are the most effective in the fight against dark circles.

eye cream for dark circles

Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles and Dark Circles

Creams are designed for daily use. Its regular application will nourish a thin sensitive skin and help reduce darkness. The following moisturizers cause the most powerful effect:

  • Evenswiss Rejuvenating Eye Complex is a high-effective eye cream for dark circles. It contains niacinamide, dermatopoetin, Argan oil, and sea buckthorn oil. An innovative complex works to prevent skin puffiness and under-eye bags.
  • Antu Brightening Eye Cream works powerfully, nourishing and hydrating cells and improving their resistance to aggravating factors. Suma root extract and Dragon`s blood in the content reduce dark circles and soften the eye area.
  • Absolute Restoring Eye Cream Refill is a set of one-time sachets that hydrates and nourishes cells effectively, and prevents skin darkening. Co-enzyme Q10, peptides, and niacinamide help fight dark circles and make the skin softer.
  • MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth is the best under-eye cream for dark circles dermatologist recommended. It uses an innovative brightening complex with hyaluronic acid to cope with skin coloring. Ceramides serve as a "powerhouse" for cells.
  • Endocare Tensage Radiance Eye Contour is the best eye cream for dark circles. The product uses an innovative SCA BioRepair technology that stimulates fibroblasts and strengthens the extracellular matrix.
eye patches for dark circles

Eye Patches for Dark Circles

  • Oskia Eye Wonder products comes as high-effective under-eye patches for dark circles. It is a multi-vitamin complex that nourishes cells providing the required ingredients for proper functioning
  • Brilliant Vibrant Eye Infusion is a set of 30 one-time patches for daily application. A visible result is after the first application. The formula is aimed at eliminating the signs of fatigue, stress, and pollution.
  • Hydra Bright Gold Eye Mask is a powerful treatment for dull, puffy, and discolored skin. The product contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, collagen, and other components that help remove dark circles and nourish cells, giving radiance to the skin surface.

Best Eye Serum for Dark Circles

  • Evenswiss Rejuvenating Eye Complex is an excellent eye serum for dark circles. Its formula contains ingredients of a deep spectrum of action, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

Concealer for Dark Circles under Eyes

concealer for dark circles under eyes


Do products for dark circles work?

Yes, surely. Modern brands use innovative technologies and powerful formulas to create high-effective working solutions for different skin types. If the reason for dark circles is not an illness, then skincare products will perfectly cope with them in the case of regular use. However, note that to prevent the appearance of new dark circles and problem aggravation, it is important to identify and eliminate the reason.

Can retinol reduce dark circles?

Retinol is well-known as an effective component for fighting aging signs and preventing fine lines appearance. Thus, it is a common component in products for under-eye skincare.

Does vitamin C help with dark circles?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It helps reduce and prevent dark circles by strengthening the thin and delicate skin under the eyes. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C acts favorably to make the skin more elastic, firm, and dense, while the blood vessels literally "hide" under its layers. Moreover, it fights pigmentation.


The modern cosmetic industry offers a wide range of products for under eye circles. Manufacturers develop safe and effective formulas that target problem areas and cause deep action, preventing problem aggravation. Yet, note that to cope with the problem effectively, the use of skincare products is not enough since it comes just as a part of a complex approach. First of all, it is important to remove the cause of dark circles.