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BB & CC Cream

BB & CC Cream

Why it's Dermoi

CC or BB creams, largely influenced by Korean cosmetics, but have gained popularity all over the world. Unlike traditional foundations, these products are multifunctional, evening out skin tone and providing comprehensive care for the skin, safeguarding the epidermis from external impacts.

Differences between BB and CC cream products include: CC cream is best applied in summer or daytime makeup, featuring a lighter texture and natural content. BB cream, on the other hand, is preferable for winter or evening makeup, characterized by a dense texture that flawlessly conceals imperfections. CC products represent a modern development, entering the market later than BB treatments.

Customers in search of quality CC or BB cream in the UK often face challenges due to the multitude of products available. Dermoi’s in-house scientific team has created a collection of BB cream that have additional skincare benefits. Every BB cream in the collection has been selected and approved by the scientific team for its effective formulation.


Both BB and CC cream products offer excellent skincare without the need for a moisturizer before applying makeup. The inclusion of an SPF factor, protecting the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight, is a mandatory component in both versions.

The composition of both types is similar, encompassing plant extracts, oils, vitamins E/C, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and sun filters. BB products prioritize sustainable mineral masking pigments, while CC creams contain reflective, whitening, or color-correcting particles.

Customers seeking BB or CC cream in the UK can browse the collection below and contact our managers for assistance.

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