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Which Stretch Marks Cream Is Best?

August 09, 2022

In this blog, find out which stretch marks cream is best, and what you can do to speed up the stretch mark healing process!

Author: Maria Grabar

Reading time: 5 minutes

Over the course of life, many people notice the appearance of uneven lines of red or white colour typically on the thighs and/or abdomen. People spend a lot of money on stretch mark creams, lotions and fluids but can’t notice any visible results. Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks form in the middle layer of the skin called the dermis. It happens due to the connective tissue being stretched. The tears in the dermis appear because the network of elastic fibres gets disrupted. The skin tries to repair the disrupted elastin, but it doesn’t have success because the original network is broken. Stretch marks often appear from pregnancy, puberty, rapid weight loss or gain or bodybuilding when the body changes significantly.

Another important reason for the stretch mark appearance is an increase in cortisone hormone. It prevents the skin from forming collagen and elastin fibres, a supporting material that participates in skin growth. 

Can Stretch Marks Be Totally Removed?

According to the NHS, stretch marks can fade away, especially if stretch mark treatment is involved. There are several stretch mark removal methods, according to the NHS including light or laser treatments, as well as retinoid and hyaluronic acid stretch marks creams.

There are also several ways to prevent stretch marks by boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Those proteins are responsible for skin’s strength and flexibility and high levels of these molecules may help stretched skin to recover to its original state.

Apart from applying stretch marks creams, one helpful way to boost the bodies level of collagen is through supplements, such as the Skinade Collagen Drink 30-Day Course. Powered with MSM, vitamin C, L-lysine, omegas 3 and 6 and vitamin B, the supplement provides up to 95% collagen absorption rate supporting the skin structure from the inside out. 

Image of stretch marks cream

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

The fastest way to make stretch marks disappear is by mixing several removal methods. For instance, you can take collagen supplements to restore collagen balance in the skin and apply a skin-regenerative stretch marks cream. One stretch marks cream is Evenswiss Regenerating Plasma Cream which fills the skin with antioxidants that accompany the repair of tissues in both the epidermis and dermis.

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that some of the ways will help you get rid of stretch marks permanently. However, if you regularly follow your stretch mark removal routine, the probability of making them less visible is very high.

For example, around 8 out of 10 pregnant women notice the appearance of pink, red or purple lines on the skin of the abdominal area and stretch marks on the thighs. Stretch marks from pregnancy appear due to sudden weight gain, the extension of the uterus and reactions caused by certain combinations of hormones. It was suggested that relaxin and estrogen combined with cortisol cause the accumulation of polysaccharides. As a result, connective tissue absorbs water at a higher rate being more vulnerable and prone to tearing.

Another popular reason for a stretch mark appearance is a fluctuation in weight. When a person suddenly gains weight, the skin stretches, which can then form scars. During weight loss, stretch marks become more visible. To enhance the stretch mark removal, it is essential to apply a stretch mark cream that helps to even the complexion.

In both options, it is extremely important to care for the damaged skin as regularly, as you would care for acne-prone skin on your face. Dermatologists recommend applying the remodelling stretch marks cream every day to achieve a prominent result as soon as possible. To get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss, Evenswiss recommends: “Massaging breasts, abdomen, lower back and thighs with plant oils every day will help improve circulation and prevent stretch marks from forming”.

How Long Do Stretch Marks Take to Fade?

Generally, stretch marks on the thighs and stomach tend to fade during the 6 or 12 months after the first appearance. However, they may not disappear completely but turn a white colour which may still be noticeable. It depends on the personal characteristics of a person’s skin and whether the person decides to invest their time into stretch marks removal treatments. With proper treatment, it may take less time for scars to heal. By taking supplements, such as Skinade, you may also improve the immune system overall, which will effectively contribute to the process of recovery.

the best stretch marks cream

Which Cream Is Best for Stretch Marks?

Many dermatologists recommend trying different types of stretch marks creams until you find the one that shows visible results, as there is no right product for everyone. Such products as Evenswiss Rich Regeneration Cream help to reduce the colour of stretch marks to a negligible degree due to a specific formulation aimed to reduce redness. Rich in vitamin A, B5, E and F the stretch marks cream helps to firm the skin preventing the appearance of stretch marks in the future.

So, the appearance of stretch marks is a completely natural process that happens with most people at some part of their lives. There are many preventative measures that could be done to reduce the risk of collagen being damaged in advance, such as taking supplements or applying oil on the skin surface. However, don’t worry if they appear as there are many solutions that could help you to make them fade away, such as applying stretch marks creams and lotions. Just follow the regular skincare routine and saturate the body with vitamins, minerals and proteins that will strengthen the immune system and will help to restore damaged collagen.


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