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Skin Thinning: Why Is Your Skin Losing Thickness?

March 05, 2022

Find out what causes skin thinning, ways that you can prevent it, and the products and treatments you should avoid at all costs!

Author: Sam Pennington

Reading time: 4 minutes

Skin that tears, bruises or breaks easily is what is referred to as thin skin. In this blog find out what causes skin thinning, ways that you can prevent your skin thinning, and the products and treatments you should avoid at all costs!

What Causes Natural Skin Thinning?

Thinning skin is a natural process that happens with aging. It’s also sometimes referred to as ‘crepey skin’ as it can look and feel similar to tissue paper.

The skin is made up of several layers. In terms of thickness, the dermis is the most important layer, contributing to 90% of the skin’s overall thickness.

The dermis is made up of collagen and elastin which is vital for skin health. The thinning of the dermis is what causes overall skin thinning.

The main cause of the dermis thinning is the breakdown of collagen. As we age, our body loses the ability to produce new collagen. Aging skin has decreased collagen levels.

Studies suggest that the amount in our skin may decrease by as much as 1% each year. Collagen production begins to dip as soon as our early 20s.

As the collagen in their skin has had longer to break down, thin skin is especially common in older adults.

UV exposure or sun exposure is another common cause of natural skin thinning as it can destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin too. You can protect your skin from sun damage or exposure to UV radiation by wearing SPF creams that have an SPF protection level of at least 30.

Long term medications can also cause skin thinning. Common examples are topical and oral corticosteroids, aspirin, blood thinners, and anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen.

Instant Result Skin Care Is Destroying Your Skin

In the age of on-demand video, fast food and social media, skincare is also seeing a shift in demand towards instant results.

While many skincare products containing harsh exfoliants appear to be working and improving skin texture, the damage they are causing in the long run can be immense.

The abrasive nature of these products is destroying the skin’s collagen supply, which will lead to premature aging in the long run.

Many of these products are also stripping the oil from our skin, which leaves it initially tight and clear. In reality though, our skin relies on oil and needs oil to stay healthy.

Any changes from instant result skincare are also only temporary. While they can initially appear to improve the symptoms of your skin condition, they do nothing to treat the root cause.

Once you stop using these quick result skincare products or treatments, the problem you had in the first place is also certain to reoccur. More often than not, the problem will return a lot worse than before.

Ingredient driven brands have also blown up in recents years. Many of these brands offer high strength, clinical grade acids to inexperienced at home users. People are incorporating these dangerous products into their skincare routines with no idea of how to use them.

Any advance skincare treatments which wear down the skin’s barrier can also lead to skin thinning. Microdermabrasion and dermaplaning should be avoided.

Excessive use of facial assets should also be avoided. Repeated use of deep microneedling, and medium and deep chemical peels can lead to skin thinning overtime.

Skincare Products You Need To Prevent Skin Thinning

There are many products and supplements which can help stimulate collagen production to prevent the skin from thinning. Dermoi’s scientific team have meticulously researched the available products to identify the best to target skin thinning. We recommend the Osmosis Skincare Collagen Activator and the Evenswiss UK Range.

Osmosis Collagen Activator
This dietary supplement is clinically proven to support cellular metabolism which supports healthy cellular activity. It also promotes long-term collagen production which strengthens the skin.

It also contains several potent antioxidants with anti-aging benefits, as well Osmosis’ AC-11 patented technology to repair damaged DNA.

The Treatment You Need To Help Prevent Skin Thinning

The PCA Bespoke Signature Peel is a treatment that corrects skin damage, stimulates skin repair, and boosts collagen production, without damaging the skin’s collagen supply.

The treatment also contains an optional retinoid booster which adds vitamin A into the skin which stimulates collagen production and repair. This step also provides the skin with powerful antioxidant protection by infusing vitamin C and vitamin E. It also provides intense nourishment.

The peel provides an immediate smooth and firm finish with a gentle, but effective resurfacing treatment that stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. It calms, plumps, and restores glow into the skin, whilst targeting the root causes of skin thinning.

The Best Ways To Preserve Skin Thickness

Regular facial treatments are the best way to preserve the thickness of skin overtime. This is because as we’re aging we’re naturally losing collagen.

Regular supplementation will help boost our collagen supply but it’s not enough to have either/or.

When you’re taking an oral supplement you’re getting the benefits all over your body. Facial treatments specifically target the face. We see the most effective results when the 2 are combined.

You can book your tailored Dermoi treatment here.

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