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Your Best Skincare with Ceramides in 2023

May 31, 2023
Author: Eve
Author: Eve

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The surface of the skin consists of several levels, each of which performs its own function, for example, protects cells from external influences, nourishes, retains moisture, etc. Thus, each layer is vital; the smooth performance of cells and a fresh skin complexion are possible only when all layers are well-functioning. Thus, it is essential to take care of the skin surface and ensure its deep nourishment to satisfy the needs of all levels.

Ceramides come as essential components of the derma that forms a protective layer and retains moisture. Thus, their amount should be enough to build a powerful resistant barrier. Below, let`s find out the positive effect of ceramides for skin and reveal possible side effects.

What are Ceramides for the Skin?

Ceramides are the largest group of unique waxy lipids found in the stratum corneum; they make up about 50% of its mass. Together with keratinized cells and other lipids (such as free fatty acids and cholesterol), they form the stratum corneum of the epidermis. This layer of skin is the topmost. It is responsible for retaining moisture and protecting against external negative factors. For example, UV rays, cold, polluted air, or germs.

There are at least 9 different types of ceramides in our skin, and each one has a different role to play. In general, "short" ceramides provide the "stiffness" of the skin, and "long" ones are responsible for its elasticity. The right balance gives us the perfect facial relief.

What Does Ceramide Do for the Skin?

Our skin`s natural protective barrier is damaged and thinned for many different reasons, ranging from age-related changes to environmental damage. Ceramides easily penetrate inside, since these molecules are identical to the skin. They are able to restore and strengthen the protective barrier, helping retain moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis and preventing its excessive loss. In addition, products with ceramides are able to cope with the external signs of aging and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Lipids are especially effective in tandem with other anti-aging ingredients.

With inflammatory skin diseases (be it acne, rosacea, or eczema), ceramides for acne-prone skin will also come to the rescue. The stronger the protective barrier of the skin, the more difficult it is for bacteria that cause inflammation to penetrate it.

Ceramides are non-comedogenic and great for all skin types, from dry and sensitive to very oily. In addition, creams and body lotions with ceramides can help fight cellulite.

Best Skincare Ceramides Products

Ceramide Benefits for the Skin

Ceramides are part of cell membranes and perform 3 important functions, namely building, protective, and signaling.

The stratum corneum lipids, primarily ceramides, help retain water and electrolytes in the skin. Yet, ceramides are not only the main structuring element, they are also regulators of cellular processes. For example, a ceramide moisturiser for oily skin can accelerate the reproduction and development of new cells, the death of "defective" cells, and even affect the synthesis of new collagen. To sum up the benefits of ceramides briefly, the following ones are crucial:

  • Restore the skin barrier.
  • Serve as a protective ingredient from pollution.
  • Lock in moisture.
  • Prevent aging and eliminate its visible signs.
  • Reduce inflammatory processes.
  • Sooth and smooth the skin surface.
  • Reduce swelling and redness.

If the "shield" of ceramides is unreliable, the skin becomes vulnerable. As a result, it begins to peel off, redden, and become inflamed under the influence of any negative impact. Thus, it is important to control and maintain the level of ceramides for the skin.

Side Effects

No side effects are known to chemists and dermatologists. These ingredients are highly important and vital for our bodies. Thus, the only possible shortcoming is individual intolerance and allergy. So, try a small amount of product on the skin first if you`re not sure, and leave it until absorbed. Try using it for a week to see a reaction.

3 Essential Ceramides for the Skin

Ceramides can be synthetic, vegetable, and derived from animal tissue. There are also pseudo-ceramides, the structure of which is similar to human ceramides, but with slight differences. However, studies show that they can also restore the barrier function of damaged skin.

Synthetic types are most often preferred for the production of a ceramide moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Why are ceramides of "animal origin" not used? First, they are abandoned by many companies due to ethical considerations. Secondly, they are difficult to obtain; it is a very expensive process. Thirdly, synthetic species are identical in structure to human skin ceramides; they are in no way inferior in efficiency and are more stable.

If a manufacturer makes cosmetics with ceramides, then you will most likely know about it right away. This will be indicated on the packaging or in the name of the product. In the composition, they will be denoted by the general word "Ceramide" with an alphabetic or numerical designation. For example, Ceramide 1,3, 6-II, Ceramide NP, NS, AP, EOP, and EOS. They are the same compounds; there are just two kinds of designation (thus Ceramide 1 = Ceramide EOS, Ceramide 3 = Ceramide NP, etc).

If you do not see the word "Ceramide" when trying to find the best ceramide cream for oily skin, then look for, for example, Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide (pseudo-ceramide, may be referred to as Ceramide E). You may also come across such names as sphingosine and phytosphingosine (sphingolipids) - these are constituent components, on the basis of which ceramides are synthesized.

3 essential ceramides for skin

How we tested Ceramide Products?

The highest effectiveness of the component is achieved when it is combined with compatible ingredients and well absorbed in cells. Thus, our task as a team of professionals is to test skincare products with ceramides and sort out the best products. For instance, when searching for the best ceramide moisturizer for combination skin, our scope of work includes:

  • market analysis and picking top products in the segment;
  • the analysis of the contents of selected products;
  • checking their contents for compliance with the information indicated on the packaging;
  • making clinical and laboratory tests to identify active ingredients and check their effectiveness;
  • contacting product manufacturers to clarify contents and other issues.

Dermoi! has a highly reputable team that consists of experienced chemists, dermatologists, doctors, and cosmetologists. We put our knowledge and strengths together to provide clients with the best products with ceramides supplements for the skin.

Best Ceramides for the Skin

As we found out, our skin, regardless of its type, needs ceramides. Thus, including products based on them in your daily skincare routine is a very good decision. But, you should not look for any specific ingredients in the composition, since there is no exact data on which one will work best for you.

When picking the best ceramide cream for acne-prone skin, it is much more important to pay attention to additional components, in combination with which, ceramides will be more effective. First of all, it is cholesterol and fatty acids (remember the composition of the lipids of the stratum corneum). The presence of glycerin, antioxidants, linoleic acid, retinol, niacinamide, and peptides increases the effectiveness of the formulations. You can also combine ceramides with AHA and BHA acids.

Below, let us list the most suitable products for different skin types.

Ceramide Products for Aging Skin

  • Evenswiss Regenerating Plasma is a powerful product that boosts intracellular processes and activates the self-regenerating capacity of the skin. High-active natural ingredients penetrate deep into cells to stimulate cell work.
  • Brilliant Overnight Recharge Cream is the best ceramide moisturizer for acne-prone skin. The product is charged with high-active components that stimulate collagen production, cellular turnover, and maximally hydrate cells.
  • Spectacle Performance Crème is a super-charged skincare product that comes as a complex solution for aging skin. Being packed with active ingredients, the cream penetrates deeply into cells, helping cope with dehydration, inflammation, and aging.

Ceramide Moisturizer for Dull and Dehydrated Skin

  • Replenish and Restore is a night recovery mask that provides a deep action and a hydrating effect. It is the best ceramide moisturizer for dry skin that boost skin rejuvenation while you sleep. Thus, your skin is protected 24/7.
  • Absolute Intense Renewal Serum acts deeply at a cellular level, stimulating rejuvenating processes and improving skin complexion. Its content includes natural extracts that hydrate the skin and retain moisture in cells.
  • Brilliant Radiant Resilience Moisturizer Refill is an effective product for skin protection against pollution, external aggressors, and oxidative stress. It hydrates cells and boosts processing preventing premature aging.

Best Ceramide Cream for Acne Menopausal Skin

  • Spectacle Performance Crème is a good solution for aged skin. It is a ceramide cream for acne-prone skin with nourishing ingredients. Its innovative formula acts deeply into cells rejuvenating cells and boosting protective processes.
  • Oskia Rest Day Barrier Repair Balm is a working ceramide moisturizer for oily skin. The product features innovative technology that nourishes and repairs damaged cells. Its non-greasy matte texture creates a reliable protective barrier.

Best Ceramide Moisturizer for Dry Skin

  • PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum is a highly effective product that immediately firms and plumps the skin surface. Hyaluronic acid and natural extracts create a powerful blend that hydrates and nourishes skin cells.
  • Evenswiss Rich Regenerating Cream is a powerful ceramide moisturizer for dry skin. The product causes a deep action, targeting sensitive and irritated skin and moisturized cells. An innovative mix of ingredients protects cells from pollution.
  • Oskia Rest Day Barrier Repair Balm is a super-charged product for dehydrated skin. The ceramide cream for dry skin stimulates rejuvenating and repair processes, creating a protective layer on the face surface.

Ceramides for Sensitive Skin

  • Oskia Rest Day Barrier Repair Balm comes as the best ceramide cream for sensitive skin. Its innovative Bio-mimetic nutria-barrier complex creates powerful protection from all sorts of external aggressors.
  • Evenswiss Rich Regenerating Cream is a super-effective ceramide moisturizer for sensitive skin. The product causes gentle care of all facial zones. By providing a mild effect, it penetrates into cells and boosts vital processes for skin rejuvenation.
  • PCA Skin Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin is an effective night treatment. The ceramide cream for sensitive skin smoothens complexion, reduces aging signs, and improves skin tone, proving nourishment to cells.

Best Ceramide Moisturizer for Rosacea

  • Oskia Isotonic Hydra Serum is a clinically-proven product for dehydrated skin. Its regular use allows for moisturizing skin by up to 34% within 1 hour after application. Its powerful formula causes a deep action on cells boosting their rejuvenation.
  • Oskia Rest Day Barrier Repair Balm is an effective solution for weakened, stressed, and damaged skin. This ceramide cream for oily skin creates a natural barrier to protect cells from pollution. Its innovative formula encourages repair.
  • Spectacle Performance Crème is an excellent solution for inflamed and damaged skin. Its active-ingredient-packed formula boosts repair processes in cells, providing sufficient nourishment to cells.
ceramides for the skin


Is ceramide good for sensitive skin?

Yes, the main task of ceramides is to retain water and electrolytes in the skin, normalizing the hydro-lipid level in cells. Thus, it is perfect for sensitive skin that is vulnerable to all sorts of negative influences. Ceramides for sensitive skin help create a reliable protective layer to reinforce the skin barrier.

Is ceramide good for oily skin?

Yes, ceramide products for oily skin regulate the work of sebaceous glands, normalizing skin greasiness, reducing shine, and preventing microbial growth on the skin surface.

Can I use ceramide everyday?

Yes, ceramide products are suitable for daily use. For example, a ceramide moisturizer for combination skin helps normalize the skin tone and stimulate the coordinated work of cells.

Are ceramides better than hyaluronic acid?

It is impossible to say which one is better since these are two different classes of components. Although they perform similar functions, they are not interchangeable.


The modern cosmetic industry features dozens of brands. They produce multiple products for daily skincare routines. The effectiveness of products with ceramides for the skin is clinically proven. Thus, such treatments are widely popular. Every customer can select a suitable option. Dermoi offers only high-quality tested products with this ingredient.