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The Best Collagen Drink: Victoria Beckham's Anti-Aging Secret

March 20, 2022

Explore the world of the collagen drink and how some of the biggest names in Hollywood and across the world are praising their effects.

Skin appearance and its youth directly depend on the diet and consumed nutrients. Some micro-elements play a crucial role in maintaining skin youth and preventing premature aging. Collagen is the essential element in the fight of skin with time.

What is a collagen drink?

Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. It helps keep the skin turgor elastic and prevents skin sagging, which leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is naturally produced in skin cells; however, the pace of collagen synthesis in the epidermis reduces with time. The human body takes collagen from food as well. Thus, it`s vital to consume collagen-rich products.

Collagen drinks are a form of skin supplements that are specifically designed to be sold in a liquid formula. These products use hydrolysed collagen to create smaller, more digestible collagen peptides. As a result, these peptides are better absorbed into the gut and then directly into the blood stream, for more improved results. Collagen drinks are also considered to be more convenient, as you can consume the supplement on the go.

Are collagen drinks better than tablets?

There is a growing debate as to whether collagen drinks are more suitable than collagen tablets. Research suggests that collagen drinks are much more effective than their tablet counterparts, due to a much higher absorption rate. On average, tablets have an absorption rate of around 10-20%. In stark contrast, collagen drinks have an absorption rate of 90-95%, meaning that more collagen can be transmitted into the bloodstream and contribute to developing more collagen within the skin.

Moreover, collagen drinks allow more flexibility in their desired dosage. This means that you are able to control how much collagen you consume on a daily basis, helping you to gain an optimal balance of nutrients in your physical body.

As mentioned previously, many people prefer collagen drinks to tablets, as they are much easier to consume. Therefore, if you are unable to take tablets for whatever reason, you can still gain essential collagen through liquid formulas.

What is the best collagen supplement for sagging skin?

At Dermoi, we offer an extensive range of skin supplements, helping to treat the root cause of a variety of skin conditions.

  • Skinade Collagen Drink is liquid collagen for daily consumption. The product is one of the best collagen supplements in UK. The course lasts for 30 days. That is, the set includes 30 separate bottles with daily dosage. This type of packaging makes the product comfortable for taking away and drinking on the go or road. Besides collagen peptides, the supplement contains 5 powerful nutrients. The regular consumption of the product results in the improvement of the skin, nails, and hair. The supplement is able to pump the body`s physical state and reinforce biological processes.
  • Zenii Skin Fusion is a 500-ml bottle of a highly active blend with a high concentration of collagen. High-quality marine collagen is mixed with minerals and nutrients (such as Omega 3, MSM, and vitamins D, B, A, and C). This blend causes a multi-spectrum action and is powerful in eliminating oxidative stress, preventing dehydration, improving skin elasticity, and maintaining a fresh complexion. One bottle is designed for one course.
  • Zenii Pro Collagen Powder is a 300-g powder product for 30-day consumption. The pack is equipped with a measuring spoon; one portion is per day. Powder is perfect for dissolving in juices or smoothies. Marine collagen is easily absorbed by cells and tissues, improving the epidermis, its elasticity and firmness, and postponing premature aging. Amino acids are added to the content to pump the body and make the product more powerful and useful.
  • Totally Derma is another powder collagen. One serving is 12 g per 30 days. In addition to collagen, the content is enriched with hyaluronic acid and peptides to make the formula more powerful and increase the benefit of the supplement. Regular consumption results in a more elastic, firm epidermis, which prevents aging signs. The addition of hyaluronic acid helps normalize the hydro level and prevent dehydration.
  • Vida Glow Collagen Liquid Advance is an example of Victoria Beckham collagen. It is a berry-flavored product for prolonged youth and the perfect appearance regardless of age. The product is packed in individual one-time-use sachets for improved convenience. Each serving has a double dosage of marine collagen and an antioxidant complex, which allows for softening wrinkles and making the skin surface firm and elastic.

Why celebrities choose Skinade

Victoria Beckham has been a style icon for nearly 30 years, since her early career as Posh Spice in the revolutionary girl band, Spice Girls. As her career progresses as a luxury fashion designer, the world looks to her for beauty advice. So, it comes as no surprise that even Beckham herself praises the effects of Skinade.

During a 22-hour flight to Sydney, Victoria Beckham posted a picture of a Skinade collagen drink sachet, reminding her avid followers to stay hydrated and to take care of their skin. This particular post went viral, with many of her fans rushing out to buy the desired supplement. Victoria Beckham praises Skinade’s ability to nourish her skin with ease, even on an exhausting flight to Australia.

It’s not just Victoria Beckham who credits Skinade to her flawless looking skin. Celebrities such as Millie Macintosh and Emma Louise Connelly also regularly discuss its benefits.

How long do you need to take collagen to see results?

On average, professionals recommend that you should take collagen supplements for around 4-6 weeks onwards in order to see effective results. Therefore, it is advised that you continue to take collagen supplements every day for at least one month, in order to give your skin enough time to react to the supplement.

As collagen supplements continue to dominate the beauty market, it is vital that you pick the most effective supplement available. A wide range of evidence suggests that liquid collagen supplements provide more effective results than tablets, meaning that Skinade’s range of collagen drinks can help you build better looking skin. If you want to jump on the trend that various A-listers are raving about, why not try Skinade Collagen Drinks for younger-looking skin in just 90 days.

best collagen supplements uk

Do we need to supplement our natural collagen levels?

Yes, the natural collagen level starts to deplete after 27-30 years, meaning that the organism lacks the needed amount of the nutrient. The body cannot cover the demand of the cells for this vitamin with age. Consequently, this depletion becomes more visible and significant with each following year and leads to premature skin aging (sagging and wrinkling). The consumption of food collagen-rich supplements helps restore the required level of nutrient in cells and keeps the epidermis toned and elastic.

Remember that the body requires more and more collagen with years since the process of nutrient depletion in cells is irreversible. Thus, the earlier you start consuming this supplement, the more collagen will accumulate in cells, which affects your appearance, prolonging youth.

What is the difference between the varying types of collagen supplements?

Different kinds of collagen supplements are offered on the market nowadays. The most popular types include:

  • liquid;
  • pills;
  • powder for dissolving in water.

Depending on the manufacturer and content, supplements differ in the concentration of the active ingredient, additional components for product absorption and storage, and convenience of consumption. For example, pills are more convenient for trips, while it`s difficult to dissolve powder on the road. As for additional components, vitamins and nutrients are added to enhance or boost collagen absorption.

Is ingestible collagen suitable for everyone?

Yes, in most cases, ingestible collagen does not cause any problems with health. It has a minimum list of contradictions due to individual intolerance. Yet, such supplements are not recommended to people who suffer from:

  • pathologies associated with the gastrointestinal tract (for example, hemorrhoids, constipation);
  • poor absorption of amino acids;
  • problems with the kidneys or bladder;
  • cardiac, renal, or liver failure.

In rare cases, supplements may cause an allergy. But in most cases, the allergy is caused by additional components in the supplement content. For instance, vitamin C in dietary supplements is one of the most allergenic, so most people react to it but not to collagen.

Will focusing on a healthy diet work better than supplementation?

No, although it`s possible to consume collagen from food, it`s problematic to include collagen-rich products in your daily diet so that the body gets the needed amount of the nutrient. Consuming supplements is an easy way to get the required portion of collagen daily and guarantee the proper nourishment of cells with the vital ingredients. Dosages of such supplements (be they pills or sachets) are calculated by professional nutritionists, which guarantees to obtain the optimal amount of the product.


Collagen helps fight aging signs on the skin and resist the influence of time on the human appearance. The consumption of collagen supplements reinforces the body’s ability to boost skin renovation processes and maintain youth. The supplement does not cause damage and is recommended for all elderly people.

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