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Osmosis Crease & Contour Brush

The Osmosis Crease & Contour Brush is a dual-ended makeup brush that expertly contours and defines the eye crease on one end while providing versatile blending and highlighting options on the other, perfect for achieving professional shadow effect.


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The Osmosis Crease & Contour Brush is designed to effortlessly create contour, shadow, and definition, featuring a two-in-one functionality. One side is tailored for blending and defining the eye crease, while the opposite end serves multiple purposes, including blending, adding lower lash line definition, or highlighting below the brow.

This brush skillfully blends eyeshadows into the eye crease, defines the lower lash line precisely, and effortlessly highlights beneath the brow, ensuring a seamless finish. Additionally, it provides a comforting and gentle application while maintaining precision for achieving enhanced makeup results.

Users benefit from its dual-sided design, facilitating crease blending and various definition techniques for versatility. The brush's soft, tapered tip enables expert blending, ensuring flawless transitions between shades. With its wide head, it allows for the execution of different eye makeup techniques, catering to diverse preferences and styles.

Dermoi scientists chose the Osmosis Crease & Contour Brush purely for the convenience of our customers. Given its complementary nature, there was no need for scientific verification to include it in our offerings.

Osmosis Beauty, founded by Dr. Ben Johnson, is a pioneering skincare brand revered for its holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Renowned for its commitment to fostering skin health from within, Osmosis Beauty crafts products that merge innovative technology with natural, harmonizing ingredients. The brand's philosophy revolves around the concept of treating skin conditions at their root, aiming not just to camouflage but to genuinely address underlying concerns for lasting and radiant skin health. With a focus on non-inflammatory formulations and a dedication to clean, high-quality ingredients, Osmosis Beauty stands as a beacon of innovation in the skincare industry.

Driven by a vision to redefine skincare, Osmosis Beauty doesn't solely concentrate on topical solutions but delves deeper into the cellular level, employing scientifically advanced methodologies that stimulate the skin's natural healing and rejuvenating processes. Their product range spans a spectrum of skincare solutions, from revitalizing serums to corrective treatments, all designed to holistically nourish and transform the skin. Embracing a philosophy that emphasizes skin wellness as a fundamental component of beauty, Osmosis Beauty sets itself apart by prioritizing not just immediate results but long-term skin health, earning recognition and loyalty among those seeking effective, science-backed skincare solutions.

Use the Osmosis Crease & Contour Brush with powder eye, bronzer, and highlighter products.


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