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Your Personal Guide to Pregnancy Period Skincare

September 06, 2023
Author: Eve

Reading time: 10 minutes

Pregnancy is a pleasant period for every woman. However, due to hormonal changes, the skin is also prone to some changes. Pregnancy has both positive and negative effects on the skin. Thus, let's figure out what effect the pregnancy period has on the skin and how to reduce its negative consequences.

During pregnancy, endocrine, metabolic, and immunological statuses change, and all this affects the woman's body as a whole, and, of course, the skin. This is why it is extremely important to adjust your pregnancy skincare routine to the changing needs of the epidermis. Choosing the right products will help reduce negative changes and shine during this period.

Pregnancy Period

How Does the Skin React to Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body undergoes major changes under the influence of hormones that affect the appearance. Skin usually suffers from:

  • Pigmentation. Due to changes in the hormonal background, namely an increase in the level of estrogens and progesterone, pigment formation is disrupted in the basal layer of the epidermis. This leads to darkening of various areas of the skin. About 70% of pregnant women pay attention to the appearance of hyperpigmented spots on the face, the so-called melasma or chloasma. Ultraviolet rays of type A and B come as provoking factors for the development of such pigmentation. The pigmentation process develops more actively with a lack of certain substances: folic acid, vitamins B and C, and microelements (copper, zinc, iron).
  • Stretch marks. These are the most characteristic and frequent structural changes in the skin during this period. They are usually found in the areas of the body that are most prone to stretching, namely, the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and chest. The appearance of these changes is mainly associated with a genetic predisposition and race.
  • Acne and increased sweating. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the ratio of hormones changes. This immediately affects the condition of the skin: in particular, the sebaceous and sweat glands begin to work more actively. This results in blackheads, pimples, and excess greasy shine. Such problems appear even for those women who were previously unfamiliar with these problems.

To eliminate these problems and help your skin cope with such changes, it is necessary to adjust your skincare by choosing suitable products. The issue of selecting appropriate products requires due consideration since some ingredients are contraindicated for pregnant women.

How pregnancy affects skin

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

Dermatologists recommend being extremely attentive to the ingredients of creams, tonics, and other skincare products during pregnancy. The fact is that many ingredients can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, which can potentially harm the child. Here is a list of skincare products to avoid during pregnancy:

  • Retinoids. They are usually added to anti-aging cosmetics. These are vitamins of group A, which accelerate the renewal of skin cells and prevent collagen breakdown. Taking skincare products with retinoids may result in congenital disabilities, such as fetal retinoid syndrome.
  • Kojic acid, arbutin, and hydroquinone. These are whitening chemicals to avoid in skincare during pregnancy and breastfeeding, even if a woman suffers from hyperpigmentation. They disrupt the natural production of melanin, which is dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Essential oils. Due to the low molecular weight, they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, affecting the processes occurring in the body. Thus, rosemary, verbena, and sage oils are neurotoxic and can cause abortion. Essential oils of geranium and sacred vitex act on the body like phytoestrogens, affecting the hormonal background of a woman. Mint oil can provoke the appearance of uterine tone in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
  • Salicylic acid. It is usually found in tonics, shampoos, and serums. The ingredient features antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, salicylic acid can be very dangerous during pregnancy. In the first trimester, its use is fraught with the development of splitting of the upper palate in the fetus, and in the third trimester, salicylic acid can cause inhibition of labor activity and anomalies in the development of the child's cardiovascular system.
  • AHA fruit acids. These acids are found in face creams and peels that exfoliate the epidermis. During pregnancy, the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun, and AHA acids can cause unwanted pigmentation on the body.
  • Hydroquinone. It is a popular treatment for hyperpigmentation. Yet, its effect on the fetus has been poorly studied. Thus, it is not recommended to use the ingredient.

So, now you know what skincare products should not be used during pregnancy to secure yourself and the fetus. Avoiding these ingredients will make your pregnancy skincare routine secure and effective.

Pregnancy period skincare

Alternative Safe Skincare Ingredients

Trying to make your skincare more effective and eliminate negative changes, it is recommended to choose products with the following ingredients:

  • niacinamide;
  • azelaic acid;
  • titanium dioxide (this ingredient comes as part of sunscreens with a physical filter);
  • vitamin C;
  • zinc oxide;
  • hyaluronic acid.

These components nourish cells, strengthening the skin's barrier and eliminating visible problems. Thus, to ensure the best skincare during pregnancy, include the following products.

Best serums to use while pregnant

  • Osmosis Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum is a high-active product that boosts epidermal repairs, neutralizes inflammations and toxins, and treats blemishes. A high concentration of Ozonized Ethyl Oleate improves the protective properties of cells and helps cells cope with all sorts of visible imperfections.
  • Osmosis Replenish Antioxidant Infusion Serum is a powerful treatment for skin during pregnancy. It causes a high antioxidant effect and resurfaces the skin. L-Gluthathione comes as a natural detoxifier, while Niacinamide acts effectively to keep pores toned and shaped, improving the face surface.
  • Oskia Super C Smart Beauty Nutrient Capsules come as a safe skincare during pregnancy. The product is rich in Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate and Tocotrienols, which create a powerful barrier on the face surface, protecting cells from environmental aggressors. The product improves the skin's health and keeps it even and radiant.
  • Oskia Isotonic Hydra Serum is a super-charged treatment that boosts cellular processes and normalizes the skin's conditions. Its formula is rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that attract water molecules and prevent skin dehydration. Long-term moisturizing allows for maintaining skin health and a fresh-looking appearance.

Best cleansers to use while pregnant

  • Osmosis Purify Enzyme Cleanser is an effective purifying treatment. The product removes all sorts of dirt from the face surface, opening pores and preparing them for further nourishment. Its formula removes makeup, environmental pollutants, and debris effectively, evening the skin complexion.
  • Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a deep-effect product that removes contaminants (from debris to dead cells and makeup) from the skin. It cleanses pores and softens the skin texture, without disturbing the lipid barrier. Its gel formula melts quickly and acts effectively, dissolving impurities.
  • Oskia Perfect Cleanser is a good treatment for daily skincare during pregnancy. The product has a strong cleansing effect due to its nutrient-rich content. Botanical extracts calm cells and cleanse them from pollutants. Besides, the product creates a protective film from bacteria.
  • Osmosis Cleanse Gentle Cleanser is a powerful remover of all kinds of contaminants. Fruit extracts act mildly but effectively, dissolving all contaminants on the face surface. The product copes with makeup and dust effectively. It does not contain harsh chemicals and opens pores without drying.

Best moisturizers to use while pregnant

  • Oskia Rest Day Barrier Repair Balm is a powerful skin care during pregnancy cream. The product has a rich formula with a high concentration of amino acids, fermented minerals, and pro-vitamins. An active formula penetrates deeply into cells, nourishes them, and boosts vital processes for faster skin rejuvenation.
  • Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost is a super-charged treatment for deep moisturizing and nourishment during the night. Its rich blend is packed with nutrients, patented actives, and floral extracts to protect your skin overnight. It delivers essential ingredients to cells and creates a barrier on the skin to prevent contamination when you sleep.
  • Osmosis Quench Nourishing Moisturizer is one of the obligatory products for the best facial skin care during pregnancy. The cream hydrates cells deeply, nourishes them with essential components, and revitalizes the face surface. A high concentration of Hyaluronic acid and Organic Shea Butter normalizes the hydro-lipid level.
  • Oskia Rest Day Comfort Cream is an effective treatment for daily application during pregnancy. It reinforces the natural skin barrier, preventing breakouts, inflammation, and pollution. Its lightweight formula penetrates deeply into cells, moisturizing and nourishing them.

Best sunscreens to use while pregnant

  • Osmosis Protect SPF30 is an obligatory product for proper skin care in pregnancy for the face. Pregnant women should protect their skin from sunlight and all sorts of radiation. This product has a high sunscreen filter and does not allow harmful particles to penetrate cells. It also repairs sun-damaged cells effectively.
  • Gel Oil-Free SPF50 is a highly effective product that protects cells from all sorts of UV light sun rays, and other types of radiation. It creates a reliable protective layer on the skin, reflecting free radicals and UV rays. Its gel consistency melts quickly, without forming a sensitive film on the face.
  • Heliocare Age Active Fluid is a powerful treatment to withstand the negative impact of sunlight and UV light. It has the highest level of protection. Its high-concentration formula forms a reliable barrier on the face surface, preventing UV rays and free radicals from preventing skin cells and causing premature skin aging.
  • Heliocare Pigment Solution Fluid is an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation. It helps reduce the number of dark spots on the face and prevent the emergence of new spots. Besides, it protects cells from other negative influences of the sun and UV light. The product is water- and sweat-resistant; it features the highest SPF level.

Pregnancy Skincare Routine Tips

Finally, let's mention some tips that will help improve your pregnancy skincare and minimize the negative changes during this period:

  • Proper nutrition. Nutrition has a great impact on the condition of the skin, especially during pregnancy. It is important to ensure a balanced diet. Add products rich in vitamins, protein, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Opt for red meat, liver, and fish instead of pork.
  • Cold and hot shower. Changing the temperature of the water strengthens cells, stimulates their work, and gives firmness and elasticity. To enhance the effect of the procedure, combine a cold and hot shower with a light body massage. Afterward, apply a moisturizer or oil to wet skin.
  • Massage. For future mothers, this procedure is not only pleasant but also useful. In addition, oils are usually applied during the massage, which is an excellent prevention of stretch marks.
  • Make homemade masks. During pregnancy, it is important to make nourishing and tonic face masks. For dry, compositions with natural yogurt, oatmeal, and honey are ideal. For oily, lemon juice, honey, banana pulp, and strawberries are useful. Before bed, masks with aloe Vera, vitamin E, or almond oil help calm down cells.
  • Get enough sleep. Healthy sleep is important for both beauty and health.

Now, you know what skincare is safe during pregnancy. One thing is obvious: it is important to change and adjust your skincare routine during the pregnancy period. In this case, you'll eliminate negative hormonal changes. Fortunately, the modern cosmetic industry offers enough solutions for all skin types, so it's not a problem to pick a suitable skincare strategy for your body.

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