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Osmosis Mini Multi Tool

Featuring copper alloy technology, the Osmosis Mini Multi Tool stands out for its multi-use design that is compatible with a variety of different skincare products. The tool promotes circulation, reduces puffiness and relieves pressure points on the face.


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osmosis mini multi tool


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Osmosis Mini Multi Tool: the multi-use facial tool

The Osmosis Osmosis Mini Multi Tool is a versatile skincare tool, expertly designed to provide relief, relaxation, and to target pressure points on the face.

Osmosis Mini Multi Tool features a versatile copper wand serves multiple purposes, allowing you to stir, scoop, swipe, and gently massage smaller areas. Its flat handle is ideal for scooping or stirring products, while the rounded end is perfect for mortar mixology or gently massaging products onto the skin.

By cooling or warming the wand, you can help increase circulation around the eye area, reduce puffiness and dark circles, while also benefiting from the energetic properties of copper. Utilizing proprietary copper alloy technology, this tool increases circulation and decreases puffiness all over the face.

The Dermoi scientific team selected the Osmosis Mini Multi Tool for its versatile design, allowing for efficient stirring and scooping of skincare products, as well as gentle massaging for targeted relief. Its incorporation of proprietary copper alloy technology was deemed essential for enhancing circulation, reducing puffiness, and diminishing dark circles, aligning perfectly with Dermoi's commitment to effective and innovative skincare solutions.

Osmosis Beauty stands out for its innovative approach to skincare, seamlessly integrating advanced scientific techniques with natural ingredients to achieve optimal skin health. With a dedication to clean beauty principles, Osmosis Beauty offers a diverse range of meticulously crafted skincare solutions tailored to address various skin concerns effectively.

Using the flat handle of the Osmosis Mini Multi Tool to effortlessly stir and scoop your favorite creams and masks, ensuring thorough mixing for optimal results.

The rounded end can be used as a gentle massager, promoting circulation around the delicate eye area and reducing puffiness and dark circles. Gently use the rounded end on pressure points for targeted relief and relaxation.

Proprietary copper alloy technology

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