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Osmosis Line & Blend Brush

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The Osmosis Line & Blend Brush is tailored for precise eye makeup application, offering expert control and accuracy. Its dual heads, one for precise lining and the other for gentle blending, make it an ideal tool for crafting diverse eye looks with ease and precision.


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The Osmosis Line & Blend Brush is an essential tool that seamlessly blends eyeshadows, creates precise lines, and offers immaculate application. Featuring a dual-sided design, this makeup brush presents a blend of precision lining and eyeshadow blending capabilities, making it an indispensable asset for crafting a spectrum of eye looks effortlessly.

With its versatile functionality, the brush expertly blends and buffs eye products while providing the finesse needed for accentuating liners. Its ultra-soft, densely packed bristles not only ensure a flawless finish but also cater to the skin's sensitivity, offering a gentle touch during application.

The precision lining capability of this brush is exceptional, allowing for the creation of clean lines and stunning cat-eye effects. On the other end, the brush excels in seamlessly blending eyeshadows, facilitating the smooth transition between shades for a flawless and professional finish. Its versatility extends to accommodating a wide range of eye looks, from subtle definition to intense and dramatic styles, offering comprehensive coverage for varied makeup preferences.

Dermoi scientists chose the Osmosis Line & Blend Brush purely for the convenience of our customers. Given its complementary nature, there was no need for scientific verification to include it in our offerings.


Osmosis Beauty, founded and formulated by Dr. Ben Johnson, is a harmonious blend of science and nature in the realm of skincare. Distinctive for its holistic approach, the brand pioneers a transformative journey toward radiant skin by nurturing wellness from the inside out. Embracing a philosophy that transcends conventional beauty norms, Osmosis Beauty redefines skincare by prioritizing the restoration of skin health at its core, rather than merely masking surface-level concerns.

Driven by innovation and a dedication to clean, skin-friendly formulations, Osmosis Beauty crafts products that not only deliver visible results but also foster long-term skin vitality. Their commitment extends beyond skincare; it's a commitment to empower individuals to achieve vibrant and healthy skin through advanced yet gentle solutions. By harnessing cutting-edge technology to support the skin's innate healing mechanisms, Osmosis Beauty stands as a beacon of transformation, offering a range of meticulously crafted products designed to nourish, restore, and elevate skin health.

Use the lining brush tip for creating precise, defined lines and use the blending brush tip to effortlessly soften and blurring eye makeup.



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  1. Very soft and comfortable to the skin, Line & Blend brush from Osmosis is among my favorites. Each line and each feathering are perfect with it!

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