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The 4 Must-have Probiotic Supplements Of 2023 For Your Gut and Skin

May 05, 2023
Author: Eve

Reading time: 7 minutes

A probiotic is a product that contains live bacteria, identical to those that inhabit the intestines. That is, these are the very beneficial bacteria that the body needs for health. They enter the intestines and multiply the number of organisms in them. As a result, the digestive system begins to function properly. The following microorganisms are considered probiotics: bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, yeast fungi, coli, propionibacteria, milk streptococci, and enterococci.

Normally, probiotics enter the body through the food we eat. After passing through the digestive tract, these microorganisms do not decompose and enter the intestines. However, if the body fails (food poisoning, inflammation, dysfunction, or other problems), doctors recommend using probiotic supplements.

What are Probiotic Supplements?

These are chemical products with a high content of probiotic microorganisms. They are introduced into the diet in cases of disruption of the functioning of the intestines, problems with food digestion, etc.

What are CFUs?

A colony-forming unit (CFU) is a single living microbial cell (or group of cells) from which a visible colony of microorganisms grows. CFUs are colonies of microorganisms, including probiotics.

Are Probiotic Supplements Necessary?

People should take probiotics only if they have indications for use (intestinal or digestive disease, dysfunction, or inflammation). If your body is functioning well, there is no need to take probiotic supplements. Probiotics are effective for:

  • gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, constipation, dysbacteriosis, gastritis, bloating, and colitis);
  • infection with helminths;
  • inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  • respiratory diseases (pharyngitis, SARS, or tonsillitis);
  • allergic diseases (bronchial asthma);

Taking probiotics during antibiotic therapy is also essential. Unfortunately, antibiotics destroy not only harmful but also beneficial bacteria. Probiotics allow you to restore the normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent the occurrence of side effects when taking antibiotics.

Best Probiotic Supplements for Gut Health

Benefits of Taking Probiotic Supplements

People take probiotics for gut health. Supplements are beneficial due to the following effects:

  • colonize the intestines and begin to multiply, thereby displacing the pathogenic microflora from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • protect against dysbacteriosis;
  • synthesize folic acid, vitamin K, niacin, biotin, etc.;
  • normalize the digestive tract;
  • lower cholesterol levels;
  • improve immunity - microflora stimulates local immunity and relieves intoxication;
  • enhance intestinal motility;
  • action against Helicobacter pylori (this bacterium is the main cause of peptic ulcer and gastritis);
  • restore normal microflora.

Are Probiotic Supplements Safe during Pregnancy?

The state of a mother`s intestinal microflora greatly impacts the correct formation of the intestinal microflora of a newborn and its health in the future. Many factors can have a negative impact on the intestinal microflora of a woman during pregnancy. These include antibiotics, intestinal infections, stress, functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. In these situations, the support and restoration of the intestinal microflora are necessary. A growing number of researches suggest that probiotics are beneficial for pregnant women.

Do Probiotic Supplements Work?

The effectiveness of taking probiotic supplements is proven by multiple clinical and laboratory research. However, the stomach gets in the way of probiotics. Gastric juice destroys part of the bacteria, so the higher their concentration is, the more bacteria will eventually get to the intestines.

How do We Test the Best Probiotic Supplements

To find out the best probiotic supplements in the UK, our experts test multiple examples. Products undergo laboratory tests. We always contact suppliers to get clean and unbiased contents of all products.

Our team consists of experienced chemists, cosmetologists, and other specialists from related spheres. Taking out knowledge and expertise together, we define the most effective supplements.

best probiotics for skin

Best Probiotic Supplement

A wide choice of products is offered on the market nowadays. Sometimes, this variety makes consumers get lost. Yet, below, we provide you with our trusted list of the best probiotic supplement for gut health.

Best Probiotic Supplement for Gut Health and Skin

It is a common fact that the health of the intestines directly influences the state of skin, hair, and appearance, in general. Thus, by consuming supplements, people help their bodies to look appealing. Here are the best probiotics for gut health in the UK.

  • Zenii Probiotics (biome max) is the best probiotics for skin. Its composition comprises over 20 billion bacteria with 8 different strains to boost immune and digestive health. One dosage of the supplement is equal to 45 probiotic yoghurts.
  • Zenii Biome buddies liquid probiotic is an excellent probiotic supplement for gut health. The substance is consumed in dosages, where one serving has more than 10 billion bacteria. Its active formula provides high resistance to gastric juice and helps repopulate microflora quickly.
  • Vida Glow Clear are encapsulated probiotics for skin care. One bottle has 30 capsules. One serving has billions of live bacteria colonies. It is a vegan product that perfectly stabilizes body performance.

Best Probiotic Supplement for Acne

Acne-prone skin is characterized by the increased work of the sebaceous glands, the production of sebum, and the rapid blockage of cells. Supplements help fight these problems and normalize skin cells, smoothen skin surface, and healthy tone.

  • Vida Glow Clear is the best probiotic supplement for acne skin. It comes in capsules, where one dosage comprises all the needed microorganisms. Its advanced formula helps fight acne signs, such as oiliness, blackheads, and pimples, and reduces inflammation.
  • Zenii Probiotics (biome max) is a real treasury of friendly probiotic bacteria. Their innovative formula boosts cell performance, which helps keep the body healthy and reduces skin problems. By fighting mucus and digestive bacteria, probiotics act in favor of skin smoothening and healthy functioning.

Best Liquid Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic supplements usually come in two forms - capsulated and liquid. Liquids are quite popular since it is convenient to melt them in water, juices, or whatever. When it comes to the most demanded liquid probiotic, the following one is wanted:

  • ZENii biome buddies liquid probiotics are premium-quality products for daily consumption. It is the best liquid probiotic supplement on the UK market. The product is responsible for providing long-term metabolic, gut, and brain health. Just one serving contains over 10 billion CFUs.
best liquid probiotic supplement

What`s the Difference Between Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms of the normal intestinal microflora, while prebiotics are substances that provide optimal conditions for the growth and development of the normal microflora.

Prebiotics are biologically active microelements that are not absorbed in the small intestine. Due to this, they are able to freely penetrate the colon and create a breeding ground for probiotics in it, stimulating their growth.

How to Choose the Best Probiotic Supplement for You?

Only a doctor can advise the best probiotic supplement for intestinal recovery. The main criteria are:

  • the age of the patient;
  • body health;
  • the nature of dysfunctions;
  • contraindications, etc.

Self-treatment may not give the desired result and lead to the development of health problems.

To draw the line of the article, note that probiotics are usually produced by our organisms. However, if some malfunctions occur, doctors suggest taking probiotic supplements to normalize microflora. If you need more info about probiotics for acne-prone skin, you can find it here .

Note that nowadays, customers can shop best probiotics for gut health in UK online. There is no need to go anywhere. Quick delivery, affordable prices, and the highest quality of supplements are guarantees.

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