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Best Serums for Oily Skin in 2023

July 02, 2023
Author: Eve

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Each type of skin requires a particular skincare strategy. What is suitable for one type of epidermis does not work for another one. Thus, it is important to know what skin type you have and be aware of all its features. In this article, we`re going to pay due attention to oily skin. We`ll highlight the features of oily cells, clarify issues of serum application for greasy skin, and consider other tips for proper care. You`ll find the answer to the question "Are serums good for oily skin?"

Peculiarities of Oily Skin

Oily shine on the skin surface means that sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Glowing skin features:

  • large pores;
  • a frequent emergency of blackheads;
  • uneven skin surface;
  • inflammation and comedones.

The main feature of daily skincare for such cells requires the normalization of sebum production and the prevention of the creation of extra oiliness to prevent bacteria growth on the surface.

What are Serums for Oily Skin?

Facial serums are high-concentrated skincare products. They usually contain one or several active ingredients that cause a powerful effect on cells boosting different processes. The concentration of active components is much higher than in standard products, like moisturizers or gels.

Advantages of Serums

Is it worth using serums? Are they needed for a daily skin routine? The variety of such products is wide; they differ in the targeted action. Yet, any serum boosts cell rejuvenation and renovation, which means that skin improvement speeds up. The following benefits of serum for oily skin are the most essential:

  • the skin tone is less greasy;
  • the production of sebum is normalized;
  • no greasy shine on the face surface;
  • cells are hydrated and nourished.

Depending on the content, serums are used to fight particular skin problems and boost the effect of other care products. They come as an extra tool that should be in your daily skincare kit.

What kind of serum is best for oily skin?

For oily skin, it is better to choose light water-based serums as too many natural oils can worsen the situation and lead to clogged pores.

Is it good to use serums on oily skin?

Yes, skincare products are designed to normalize the work of sebaceous glands, which results in a decrease in sebum formation on the skin surface. The high concentration of active ingredients in serums helps tackle this problem. Thus, skin sheen is eliminated. Moreover, serums for oily skin boost the effect caused by standard skincare products.

How to use face serum for oily skin?

The Best Ingredients for Oily Skin

This type of epidermis needs deep hydration and normalization of sebum production. The best serum for oily skin should contain one of the next components:

  • Hyaluronic acid. The ingredient is well-known due to its ability to attract and retain moisture. Thus, the acid attracts water molecules to cells and deeply hydrates the epidermis.
  • Glycerin. In terms of its effect on the skin, glycerin is close to hyaluronic acid. The component also supplies the upper layers of the epidermis with water, pulling it out of the air. But, glycerin is capable of opening waterways to the deep layers of the skin.
  • Retinol (Vitamins A). The ingredient activates skin regeneration. It is used to treat skin diseases (acne, acne, psoriasis), wounds, and burns. It also boosts the immune system, reinforcing resistance to external impacts.
  • Vitamin C. The component stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis. It fights against all signs of photo-aging (skin thickening and roughness) and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Vitamin E. The ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that protects the lipid mantle of the skin and features the ability to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on the face surface.
  • Tea tree oil. The component has the ability to control increased sebum secretion, because of which acne often appears. It causes an antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effect.

How to use face serum for oily skin?

Face serum for oily skin is applied after thoroughly cleansing the surface and moisturizing it with a tonic, before applying the cream. If there is a pipette for the product, then apply a little on the face with a pipette and wrap it with your fingers all over the face with massage patting movements. Note that it is a highly concentrated product, just 2-3 drops are enough for an entire face. You need to wait about 3-5 minutes, so that ingredients are completely absorbed, and then apply a moisturizer.

How do we test the best serums for oily skin?

Dermoi is a place where educated professional specialists analyze top products provided on the market and compile lists of the best skincare treatments. Our team consists of skilled dermatologists, chemists, and cosmetologists. When picking the best face serum for oily skin, experts pay attention to chemical compositions, comedogenicity, effect, and duration of application.>

Professional employees take probes, do clinical examinations, and compare products to filter the most working and powerful serums for a particular skin type.

TOP Serums for Oily Skin

All the below-mentioned products were tested by our experts; their quality is clinically proven and guaranteed. Their formulas are targeted at oily skin.

  • Evenswiss skin defense serum - balancing complexis the best serum for oily skin in the UK. The product is aimed at the normalization of pore appearance. The content comprises Dermatopoietin, Bilberry Extract, Vitamin B3, and Shea Butter. This blend works effectively to balance the production of sebum and retain moisture in cells. The product prevents the face surface from a greasy shine and forms a protective barrier on the surface. By preventing pores from contamination, bacterial growth is decreased, and pores do not get clogged.
  • Evenswiss brightening intense treatmentis the best hydrating serum for oily skin. The product is mainly designed to cope with hyperpigmentation. Its super-charged content includes Dermatopoietin-Plus, Rose hip Seed Extract, Edelweiss Flower, and PHAs & AHAs. Due to such a powerful composition, ingredients penetrate deeply into cells, nourishing and hydrating them. The product causes skin evening, cleansing, and brightening. The serum copes with all sorts of skin imperfections, such as dark spots and blemishes.
  • PCA skin intensive clarity treatment 0.5% pure retinol nightis an effective serum for oily skin. The product is designed for night application. Its rich formula is super-charged with Retinol, Salicylic acid, Niacinamide, Bakuchiol, and Hexylresorcinol. The blend is powerful in fighting acne signs and blackheads. It provides reliable protection through the night and maintains the required hydro-lipid balance, nourishing cells and boosting skin renovation. The product comes as an effective treatment for acne-prone or inflammatory skin.
  • Osmosis clarify blemish retinal serumis a powerful hydrating serum for oily dehydrated skin. The product is rich in high-active ingredients, such as Retinaldehyde 0,05%, Olive oil, Mandelic Acid, Honey, and Lactic acid. The blend of these components causes a deep moisturizing effect and increases nutrient supply. The application of the serum results in calming inflammation, normalizing the production of sebum, and minimizing breakouts. Its patent formula helps fight large pores and blemishes.

When choosing appropriate serums, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the content (the list of active components), the skin problem (what imperfections you want to tackle due to serum application), the manufacturer, consumer feedback, and budget. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist to find a suitable solution.

Oily skin features the excess production of sebum that clogs pores and causes a greasy shine on the face surface. A greasy film serves as the perfect breeding environment for bacteria and microbial growth. Consequently, this chain leads to more serious skin problems such as breakouts, acne, and inflammation.

Thus, a proper daily skincare routine is required. Serums come as additional care tools that boost the effect of main care products (such as moisturizers, toners, and cleansers). Serums activate cellular processes and stimulate better absorption of the components contained in other skincare products. The modern market offers a wide variety of serums to any taste, budget, and purpose. Thus, every customer will be able to pick appropriate treatments.

ger. A vitamin A serum for the face tightens pores and is effective for acne, as well as fights pigmentation.

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